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As if I wasn't already excited about the upcoming season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis went and got me revved up in a major way with this interview.


  • Stiles will get to see some romantic action!
  • Lydia will learn more about her banshee abilities and Meredith will be helping her
  • Derek's friends will have to fight to "save" him!
  • Scott will get his first beta
  • The Dead Pool (hit list) and the person behind it...
  • Three new freshman, Liam, Mason & Garret
There is so much information in this interview, and yet Jeff Davis doesn't give too much away. I am definitely intrigued. I feel a little bummed that Kate is back. She was a good villain but I felt like we'd had enough of her the first time around. I'm also not too thrilled about Scott and Kira as a couple but I'd love to see what else Kira (and her mom) can do.
Anyone else feeling down about Kate? Or are you actually excited to see her return? For those who feel the latter, please don't hesitate to spread the joy :P Please share why you think her return could be good.

After seeing Stiles be so dark last season, I am most looking forward to seeing him together with Scott, getting back to the basics of their friendship and just leaning on each other. I'm also looking forward to the usual Teen Wolf humor and I hope there are plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes.

What are you most looking forward to in season 4? There is so much that I didn't mention. It's going to be an exciting season!
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Jun 25, 2014
I believe he said that dereks change will have a season long impact. Anyone wonder why in the season preview, the deputies are dragging scott into the police station. Looking at some photo's and seeing this, I'm working on the theory that parrish isn't as good of a guy as he seems and we are supposed to get another bad deputy. Could they berzerkers. It looks like in a cast photo they roughed Liam up some.
Jun 10, 2014
Thank you for always posting these, I'm super lazy in that respect. I read this yesterday and wasted a good half hour looking up Nagual stuff and then trying to follow up when one site references that it is connected to South American werewolf type myths (you know after reading about all the witch stuff and how she might only be able to transform at night). And then sitting here saying, wait, I sort of think all that Kanima stuff they seemingly made up is actually attached to this myth. And then I was thinking, well, wait, did Jeff Davis really like the uncomfortableness with which the remaining cast has to deliver the line, "the shape you take reflects who you are" as Stiles experienced when trying to explain everything to his dad.

I am curious about Liam and how he becomes Scott's first beta, I imagine it is connected to the little clip released late yesterday where it is mostly Araya (or Mariah, I though) who I think of as the grandmother from Switched at Birth, where she is questioning what type of Alpha Scott actually is. My thought had been maybe they follow a slightly different version of the old Argent code and consider killing another werewolf just as bad, and when she finds out he hasn't, she seems to be questioning whether he has a pack. I am guessing she probably sees the point of working with some sort of werewolf, probably in a more cutthroat fashion than Chris does, and convinces Scott that his pack is all good and everything, but that is what is missing from his power base, his own made betas. I theorize that Liam is a long lost Hale and he somehow gets himself really horribly hurt somewhere in the third episode (there have been screen shots of him exploring the ruins of the Hale house, that can't be safe) and Derek begs Scott to do it with the promise that Liam knows something of what he is getting into and it is likely his first couple of full moons will be something more like Scott's or Isaac's.
Jun 11, 2014
You're very welcome. :) Whenever I come across an interview, I have to share it with fellow fans. I am VERY curious about how Liam becomes Scott's first beta. I think that's what I'm looking forward to the most this season. And that's a good theory about Liam possibly being a Hale. He certainly looks like he could be. :D

I wonder how much the Nagual is related to the Kanima... I read that the Nagual can basically change itself into whatever it wants... They can have a lot of fun with that lol Perhaps the Kanima was inspired by all these myths...

I am counting down the days! I can't wait for the new season to begin.
Jun 12, 2014
I know me too, and I swear my DVR is taunting me. I record everything basically so I don't forget its on and on a wishful hope that I can avoid commercials, but its not showing that far in advance yet.

It does seem the Nagual is sort of limited to, well, mammals. And at least what I read it sounds like the shape you can take depends on when you are born or whatever (which is where I started thinking, wait, isn't that a lot like the kanima stuff that Allison was reading to the boys from the bestiary...and I hope they made a copy of that). But, the were jaguar that she appears to be, I think it makes sense with who she was, only tangentially associated with the Nagual so they have some room to maneuver. But as they are encompassing a lot of other mythologies into the Banshee myth (I don't remember reading them being mediums before, but it certainly seems they are heading in that direction) and there probably is some thought to give her an offensive power which they could easily pull in mermaid or siren mythology.

I had thought Liam was a possibility for Peter's kid even before the idea of him having a kid. Basically because of the Teen Wolf math issues, the events of Visionary took place ten years before the events we are witnessing, which makes Derek 25 and the Peter of that age probably was in the 19-21 age range, but regardless, how old was he when he slept with a girl to have a kid Malia's age (I mean, she is 17 or maybe even 18 if she has been missing for nine years and was nine when she was presumed dead). Sigh, I swear I had a lot of this figured out.
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