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As if I wasn't already excited about the upcoming season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis went and got me revved up in a major way with this interview.


  • Stiles will get to see some romantic action!
  • Lydia will learn more about her banshee abilities and Meredith will be helping her
  • Derek's friends will have to fight to "save" him!
  • Scott will get his first beta
  • The Dead Pool (hit list) and the person behind it...
  • Three new freshman, Liam, Mason & Garret
There is so much information in this interview, and yet Jeff Davis doesn't give too much away. I am definitely intrigued. I feel a little bummed that Kate is back. She was a good villain but I felt like we'd had enough of her the first time around. I'm also not too thrilled about Scott and Kira as a couple but I'd love to see what else Kira (and her mom) can do.
Anyone else feeling down about Kate? Or are you actually excited to see her return? For those who feel the latter, please don't hesitate to spread the joy :P Please share why you think her return could be good.

After seeing Stiles be so dark last season, I am most looking forward to seeing him together with Scott, getting back to the basics of their friendship and just leaning on each other. I'm also looking forward to the usual Teen Wolf humor and I hope there are plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes.

What are you most looking forward to in season 4? There is so much that I didn't mention. It's going to be an exciting season!
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