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First of all, thanks to lifeofpi for bringing out many unnoticed and curious tidbits which could be major clues and hints for the future episodes.

So without further a due, coming to the startling points:

Triskelion - An artful tatto on Derek's back. The website linked below states that this motif/logo means, "Blessed by Druids"

Curiously, this motif is the brand logo for this website - Order of WhiteOak.

The surname of Derek, Peter and Cora (The living members) is - Hale. It is stated that it is Old English (in which it means "Hero") or Old Saxon (in which it is "Hollow")

So here're my theories:-

  1. Werewolfismin TW isn't a curse. It was a blessing endowed upon the Old Hale ancestors by druids in some distant past in Britain/Ireland/Albion (you pick!). May be the Hales are druids themselves. Peter knows it and hence his shady and unclear motivations. Derek was too young to remember... but he has the Triskelion tattoo on the middle of the back (given how werewolf gets a tattoo [cue-burning flame]), he must've got that by his elder family member. Cora was missing for few years (perhaps she was practicing the druid rituals and somehow got dark? But then Derek had the idea for 'Kanima Lore'. Maybe he too is aware of his druid ancestry.
  2. Argents, as evident by their surname might be frenemies with Hales long back (who knows, maybe even during the age of Druids... it is interesting that Argent has French affinities whereas Hale has old English!). The hatred and refusal to be a "Were" might stem from some different opinion or conflict rooting in Druid ritual.
  3. Peter might be using the ritual to resurrect the Hale family (It would be boring if he turns out to be villain again... I like him gray more). 8 members of the family died... 8 hands in the opening sequence, Courtesy lifofpi. OR... or Cora is the Dark druid... trying to resurrect her dead relatives.
  4. Deucalion is an old dude, related to the Hales (Grandpa Hale? LOL We already have an Grandpa Argent, who basically is a nut. Can we swallow another one?). Perhaps he wants powers of Hale's Main bloodline, by some elaborated schemes.
  5. Scott. I've got nothing... please be my guest and shoot your theories. JD said somewhere that there would be some highlight on Scott's father!
  6. The Vet, Dr. Deaton is a member of the Order of Druids. (Wait, I wrote so much above, I don't want to rectify so I will add here... are Hales some kind of Royalty... and Deaton/his ancestors served Hales? (Deaton to Derek - I promised your mother I will look after you!)
  7. I still insist. Lydia is a Demi-goddess. Perhaps Morganna? (In all seriousness, she could be druid too)
  8. Ms Morell might be helping Deucalion to stop Darach's resurrection... Oh wait! A terrible idea came to my mind. LOL. What if, the opening sequence is not Peter/Derek reaching out to their dead relatives but Darach (some other Hale ancestor or relative) using them to be, I don't know... A Druid Wolf or something? Considering that 8 members, adding Derek to that it would be 3 which in itself is 3 fold 3.
  9. I have zilch idea about Jennifer Blake. So! Spit it out.

So what do you guys think now! ;D

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