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I mean I find any kind of witchcraft quite boring, examples: Bonnie from TVD and the whole plot that had actual witchcraft in in the Secret Circle, also every time Supernatural has tried do the witchy thing. Charmed was okay but I find it was still monster-based, as was Buffy or maybe it was the novelty of them that I liked at the time. But now it has been done so many times that it is rare that it is done with style and enough imagination to make it feel new. It is difficult to make magic or whatever interesting and cool. Also I think that it has restrictions as you can´t make witches seem too powerful because then they would be basically omnipotent and the believability would go down the drains. I mean in theory an all-powerful witch should be unbeatable right? Have a spell or whatnot against anything? You shouldn´t be able to even fight them. But if you make them weaker than that then it is boring as hell. And lame. Boring and lame. Do you have any good examples when witches and magic and the sorts have been a good idea in a tv show?

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