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Based entirely on Teen Wolf's already established pattern, tonight will be all crazy pants. Next week will be a good split of exposition and action and parts of the final episode will be epic, but most of it will be...um...okay. And I will put this out there into the universe, please no one post anything about the last five minutes of the season finale. I mean, I know Peter's declaration appears to have meant nothing but it would have been fun to have such a random WTF appear when I watch it live. It was up on You Tube and in a music mix there in the afternoon. I know it might just be the tacit happy ending, but there will also be the cliff hanger to Season 4. Let us all be surprised and don't post anything until, at least, after the U.S.A West Coast feed, which if I do my math correctly, is eight hours after 11:00 GMT (I myself am in Eastern U.S.).
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