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Is Alison and Isaac together? Please tell me no!
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Aug 25, 2013
It seems like they're heading in the direction. But I actually think they're going about it in a good way. The show doesn't try to make it into to this huge love triangle. Scott seems to be really over Allison compared to previous seasons she like a last minute thought on who to call for help and who to protect. The writers did the whole romeo and Juliet thing with them and seem to be moving past it. I wanted someone new and shiny for Isaac, but seeing how their relationship develops at a slow pace and isn't pushed in the audience face I can accept it. And can also accept Scott with a new love interest or none for a bit while he figure things out.
Aug 23, 2013
It definitely seems like they're heading in that direction. I won't really have an opinion on the relationship until see more of them actually together, as opposed to them just making googly eyes in the middle of a scene.
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