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So, post 1982, laws changed and bearer bonds went out of popularity and their convenience was reduced. While bearer bonds are still redeemable, the bank that issued them has to still be in existence or its obligations were bought by a successor bank that is still in existence, other wise you are out of luck. Bearer bonds can also be called in which stops interest payments and might leave you out of luck. Basically, they become like savings bond except anyone in possession can cash them. What I am saying is if they were all redeemable, the amount might be off.

From what I can tell in Beacon Hills, the economy sucks and their bank went out of business three years earlier. I presume they could have been issued by another bank or a national bank which could be cashed in another place.

Meredith could escape from Eichen House, but she clearly had limited transportation. Brunski sounds like he was on his last strike before his license was taken away for good. I think they might be a noticeable twosome or even on their own cashing in 117 million in bearer bonds. So, that would imply there is some evidence of them cashing them in. My issue is also that Brunski kind of seemed to be a prototypical bully, kind of an idiot when you got down to it (I still get irritated that Coach couldn't go, dude, I'm a teacher and a coach of the only fundable sport in town, shut up). So, the bank might have called them in. And if they went to different banks, well, they are gambling the banks all would acknowledge them and both are in places where their absences would be noted.

But what if they have at least one more partner? My hope has been an elderly gentlemen with a unjustified need to destroy the supernatural. There is the motive question too, I get if she thinks she is doing good (eliminating the unnatural) for the world but the whole plot seems overblown and hard to fathom a girl who, even if faking her craziness, something happened to her in Lorraine's sound room.
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