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Im writing this on my phone so I can't figure out at this point how to put links in but my general feelings are summed up by the intro to Prince's recap and an article in buzzfeed. I believe Teen Wolf did an excellent job of Allison as a character who grew. And I never g kund her and Scott annoying which I attribute to her. I mean it got to a point even with her and Isaac that I was actually worried about Isaac's feelings.

anyway. I rewatched the episode tonight and I still found myself more focused on listening and watching Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey in her death scene the scene between her and her father earlier in the episode had me crying.

I hope they kick the Nogistune's ass and I don't care what he looks like and I hope Lydia gets to pull the final plug so he can never be resurrected in another form in seventy more years.
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