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Okay for the new season of teen wolf what i would love to see is introduce a new character, i know they only just put Kira in but id love for Issac to find a love interest that actually goes somewhere unlike him and Allison just hooking up and having dreams about each other. I really want to see Issac happy and recover from Allison's death, i think they should finally bring in a girl thats actually human and not have ANY supernatural powers or abilities. Just to make things a little more interesting. Also i think Stiles should get a new girl too and make her SUPER gorgeous and kind of dorky and human!!! As for Issac and Stiles they deserve normal girls that will love them for them because they are in fact my favorite characters on the show! i defiantly love both their humor and would love to see them doing more funny scenes together! I know in the end Stiles and Lydia will end up together but what i think the should do is just no rush things like they do with Scott and his girlfriends. They should gradually show them getting closer and closer and then finally in the final season they ever do, make them end up together. But id loveeeee to see someone like Emilia Clarke and just kick ass! it would be awesome! Someone like her id love to see unexpected romance between her and Stiles it would be soooo cute! And for Issac have him like Alice greczyn or Jane Levy
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May 20, 2014
the actor who play'd issac's characters left the show hasnt he?

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