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This takes place after "The Overlooked". The last time we saw Peter,Issac and Cora was near the end of the episode. Peter was in bad shape after his fight with the twins.

Dont take it too seriously.

Peter, Issac and an unconscious Cora are speeding away from the hospital loading bay, thinking the Alpha's might still be after them

Peter "Keep going Issac, dont stop!"

Issac "Ok...but what about Scott and Stiles?"

Peter "Who and Stiles?"

Issac "Scott"

Peter "Oh... the goofy one.....I can see the benefit of going back for Stiles, he's obviously the braintrust of you merry band of mutts....but the goofy one?"

Issac "I owe him a lot"

Peter "Like what?"

Issac "Well for starters, he let me crash at his place when i didn't have a place to stay"

Peter "That was awfully nice of him"

Issac ".... I guess.."

Peter "what do you mean "I guess", he helped you in a time of need"

Issac "Yeah it was cool....but...well there's a couple of things....

Peter "Pull up at the front exit"

Issac parks the car at the front exit, the engine idling. He now seems distracted, his thoughts drifting back to the nights he spent in Scotts room.

Peter's voice brings him back to reality "So, what are these things?"

Issac "Well, me, Derek, Stiles and Scott's mom were hanging out one time.."

Peter "I was so going to hook up with Mrs McCall"

Issac "What?When?"

Peter "Before I died....and came back....ah memories..........anyway, you were all hanging out one time...."

Issac "um, yeah...so we were all talking about practical jokes and someone came up with the idea of taking Alison away from Scott"

Both "Hahahahaha

Peter "OH THATS A GOOOOD JOKE! Seriously..it is...so what happened?"

Issac "I volunteered"

Peter "I wouldnt blame you. Not only do you get to play a harmless gag on your buddy, but you get to make the beast with 2 backs with that hot Argent girl!"

Issac "Yeah, but then the Alpha's turned up, so its kind of on hold"

Peter "Too bad"

Issac "And then i got kicked out and Scott gave me a place to stay"

Peter "So you're feeling guilty?"

Issac "God no, its only a matter of time before she gives me some "archery lessons" if you know what i mean.....nudge, nudge, wink, wink.....until we have an after school special....if you hear what I'm saying....wink, wink, nudge.....


Issac "...well, ok then"

Peter "So there's no other "things" then?"

Issac becomes silent and shifts uncomfortably in his seat "There is one more thing"

Peter "What?"

Issac "Its kind of awkward"

Peter "For the love of God, JUST SPIT IT OUT!"

Cora stirs at Peters shouting and murmurs "..thats what she said...", and falls back into unconsciousness, with a little smile on her face. Peter gently smooths away some hair that has fallen across her face and says in a low voice "its ok, go back to sleep". He turns from her and say's to Issac "What was awkward?"

Issac "Well we were sharing his room and neither of us could sleep, so we started talking."

Peter "About what?"

Issac "Lots of things. First off we were talking about books. I told him my favorite book was "Of Mice and Men"

Peter "Good book"

Issac "Yes........his was a coloring book with unicorns, he had it on his bedside table....he showed it to me......and he started talking about the unicorns and what he would like to do to them...."

Peter has a mildly alarmed expression on his face, "What?"

Issac "He said he named all the unicorns Alison..."

Peter "Ew.."

Issac "and they were his "happy time" friends......"

Peter "Ewww..."

Issac "...and all the pages were stuck together..."


Issac "I know....but thats not the awkward "thing" I wanted to talk about...

Peter "......I can never look at a horse again..."

Issac "So i changed the subject as fast as i could..."

Peter "..........never want to hear the term "happy time friends" again either......."

Issac "and i managed to get him talking about the alpha's....

Peter "....feel so unclean...."

Issac"...and we started talking about the twins...

Peter "...ok, the nauseating feeling seems to have passed..."

Issac "...and how they combine....Well Scott tells me how their Alpha taught them how to combine by fisting...."

Peter "Yeah, I've seen it...its freaky..."

Issac "And he asks me whether i think all alphas have this ability"

Peter "Oh right....you weren't there...Scott thinks he is going to become a true alpha and probably wonders what abilities he'll get"

Issac "GTFO!!...Really?"

Peter "Yes..."

They look at each other for a second then "BWHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Peter "....I know... heh....isnt that the funniest thing you heard..."

Issac "haha....him....hahaha...his mom makes him write his name in his underwear in case he loses them....hahahaha.....he thinks "Revolution" should get an Emmy..


Peter "Just proves what a goof he is.....heh.....so is that it?"

Issac "Well that explains all his questions....but there was 1 more thing....I woke up the next morning....and I was in pain..."

Peter "Did you sleep in a funny position or something?"

Issac "I thought so at first.....but Scott said something...i'm sure i wasn't meant to hear it..like he was talking to himself..."

Peter "What did he say?"

Issac "......I guess it only works on twins......

Peter is stunned , Issac can only look out the window, neither able to make eye contact. The only noise is the rain and wind hitting the car. They stay that way for a minute or more, both disgusted with this revelation.


A rapping on the car window breaks the uncomfortable silence

Its Stiles, soaking wet and out of breath from running down from the rooftop

Stiles "Guys...pant...I need your help...pant...Dereks hurt and the Darach is gone....

Peter "Where's Scott?"

Stiles "Deucalion knows where our parents are......he went with him.....he said he could help get them back..."

Peter gently takes Cora's head off his lap to exit the car, and lays her flat on the back seat as he gets out. Through the open door he says "Issac, stay here and keep the engine running. Stiles and I will get Derek. If the Alphas turn up, you leave, we'll make our own way out"

Issac "What about the Argents?"

Peter "If they turn up, good...if not we leave without them."

Peter closes the door and they both turn to the hospital, leaving Issac and Cora in the car. After checking that Cora is still breathing, Issac stares out the window and whispers to himself "I really need another place to stay..."

Peter and Stiles rush toward the hospital entrance, the rain now a light mist

Peter "I have to ask you something"

Stiles "What?"

Peter "Have you ever slept over at Scotts house?"

Stiles "....Yes...but not for a long time..."

Peter "Can I ask why?"


The two of them make their way into hospital.


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