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This week's episode of Teen Wolf found Stiles in Eichen House, simultaneously a smart and foolish decision, since he needs to be committed or incarcerated somewhere before the nogitsune can take over his body again but the same institution that housed Barrow was probably a poor choice even if it's only a short drive. Either way, Stiles strikes a deal with erstwhile were-coyote Malia to help her learn how to turn back into a coyote if she helps him get into the basement. One punch, a shower scene, a "quiet room" rescue, and several hours of file-reading investigation later, the two find themselves alone on a dusty chartreuse sofa, which looked like it escaped the 60s only to be exiled to a mental institution boiler room.

Then, the internet exploded. Because this happened.

The flirtation quietly and sweetly escalated. Stiles asks Malia to check the Lichtenberg figure on his back and shivers at her icy touch, since now that she doesn't have her fur coat, Malia's relentlessly cold. Stiles takes her hands to warm them, but finds Malia staring at him. She surprises him with a kiss. "Was that your first kiss?" She nods. "Would you like to try it again?" She nods. "I'd like to try something else." "Something else?" She removes her shirt, he moves in, and she slides underneath him. The two are rediscovered fully clothed and spooning on the mysteriously discarded (and even more mysteriously colored) sofa.

And no one, no one can agree on anything. Shippers are variously delighted, incensed, and confused. Doesn't Stiles love Lydia? Aren't Stiles and Derek accidentally meant to be? Why did Cora have to leave for South America? Wait, didn't Danny offer to take his flower? Whatever happened to delightful, drunk bisexual Caitlin from the black-light party? But not only that, no one is completely sure what actually happened!

Some are (perhaps justifiably) concerned about their lack of protection. After all, it's unlikely Eichen House allows its residents to carry condoms around. However, given that Teen Wolf has been responsible in the past about (rather realistically) promoting safe sex—including Allison scavenging Kate's bag early in Season 1, Melissa finding a condom box in Scott's room and then subsequently talking to Allison's mother about ensuring that they both stay safe and smart, and Stiles ransacking Heather's bathroom for her brother's stash—I doubt the show would be careless here. It's one of the reasons I lean a little more toward thinking they didn't have sex so much as do some heavy kissing and cuddling. (Also, I mean how quickly did they get re-dressed if they did have sex?!) Some are simply bewildered by their blindingly swift romance. It's true that it was hardly a romance until it really was, but it's one that impresses me. It was a simultaneously hot, intimate, and sweet moment however you slice it.

But regardless of what you make of Malia or the circumstances of their hook-up, it does little to clarify whether or not Stiles lost his virginity. I have no real dog in this fight. I don't much care whether he did or not. Even more, I think it's more important that we don't know! It's part of a pervasive and sensible attitude toward sex that Teen Wolf has cultivated from the beginning, one that doesn't make a spectacle of sexual experience, especially losing one's virginity. Sex—whether you're having it or not—is an important part of maturing into an adult, and Teen Wolf treats it with its due respect, but like shattering the myth of the "first love," it doesn't unduly elevate the loss of one's virginity (an idea that is necessarily variable anyway) to some importance that it doesn't and shouldn't have.

We get some glimpses into the characters' sexual lives. We know, for instance, that Lydia and Jackson were lovers, that Lydia and Aidan have had sex, and that Scott and Allison were sexually active together. But no show is made of their "first time". We never know when Scott and Allison start having sex, but like a parent might discover, we just find out eventually that they are. And aside from the deliberately antiquated druid sacrifices, there's little discussion of a character's virginity. Is Isaac a virgin? Danny? Kira? We may assume one way or the other, but, really, what does it matter?

So, did Stiles and Malia have sex? Did Stiles lose his virginity? I don't know. But quite frankly, either way it's just none of my business!


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