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First, as much as we complained, it wasn't quite as hole filled as we thought. When watched all together (or in threes the way I usually watch DVD series) it still had issues, but it was really just a lot of information. The one thing that seemed clear...Season 3A and its issues were all Gerard's fault.

I also think I actually solved some math...in the Overlooked, Jennifer said that she was helped by the Nemeton which was repowered by Derek's sacrifice of Paige a few months before. In the Girl Who Knew Too Much, Sheriff Stilinski was looking for medical records from about ten years before, which Melissa found, and pulled out Julia/Jennifer. In Visionary, Peter (and this seemed to be the actual truthful thing) said that Derek was 15 when he was going after Ennis. It was like later that night that Paige died. Voila, Derek is 25 (and for some strange reason Beacon Hills is about fifteen years behind in fashion, but maybe its like Canada where the eighties didn't reach until 1993 - Robin Sparkles reference). It does seem to make Peter be about 31 if you put teenage Peter at between 19-21, which seems wrong. I had a thought that maybe werewolves kind of keep a couple ages going in their heads, like their chronological age and then the age they actually first transition. So, when Cora said she was 17 in years, she also would factor in whatever number or period they attribute to a wolf age. This premise is entirely dependent on the idea that even born werewolves don't actually transition as baby wolves, but probably wait until puberty.

That was actually my biggest thought (I also thought the way Deaton basically presented the necessary person to pull them back was kind of mean to Scott, he could have started with what seems obvious, Deaton needed to be the one to pull Scott back because he has no real relationship with Alison). And Scott seriously had a really crappy week there at the end of Season 3A. I sense he will be the one to be able to best deal with the 'darkness' but he kind of needs a break.
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