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If Deaton hadn't shown up when he did, would the Nogistune (I won't call it Stiles) have killed Scott? I lean toward no, or at least it wasn't his intention though I imagine if he hit the spinal cord and shredded it he would have, because he was more twisting the knife as opposed to getting ready to cut him in half, a la, Gerard. I think the Nogistune might want to keep Scott around because while all werewolves can reduce pain, Scott can take on more (as an Alpha) and likely takes it on more himself which makes him the perfect conduit for the Nogistune to feed. And also because who knows how long Kira would be unconscious for and it strikes me that just knocking her unconscious as opposed to killing her right off was because he can't and probably wouldn't want to deal with her if she woke up to find Scott dead.
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