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Have you read the book on fire yet? What did you think of it? Is the book considered part of the cannon or does it exist in its own alternate Teen Wolf universe? Does anyone know if more books are planned? I must say I really enjoyed the book quite a bit especially the back story it gives to Derek. If you haven't read it yet I would recommend it! I hope more books are forthcoming! :D

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I'll make this short since no one else has commented so far; I'm happy to debate this when there's more voices though.

My understanding is that the book is not canon (it's only one N unless you mean you want to fire the book at people!) but it was meant to exist as a kind of 'partner' to Season 1 pretty much through mid-season. There's a couple of factual (time point) errors the book makes within the structure it sets up for itself (for example, even though the book is supposed to, by it's own structure, happen before certain things are revealed in S1, these errors are included). Obviously, the way Jackson's house is described and the way it's shown in S2 is wrong, plus we also find out in S2 that Jackson's parents both died together before he was born. So there are some obvious canonical errors in the books, both minor and major.

I can't fault the book for being technically bad, but I couldn't agree that enjoy is a word I might use to describe it.
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