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Can I be the one to say that this episode was very creepy to me?! *shivers

1. Stiles is my favorite, of course. So, when he made a series of phone call to Scott saying that he was trapped in a basement and he was bleeding, I automatically felt nervous and scared for him. I hate seeing Stiles in ANY kind of trouble. So, seeing him scared confused and hurt made me tense and nervous for the remainder of the episode.

2. Poor Sheriff Stilinski. He loves his son so much. The panic in his eyes when Scott told him that he was missing made me feel so bad for him. He already lost his wife so he is even more protective of him. Then, the sadness in his eyes when the doctor told him that something is wrong with Stiles, made me want to give him a BIG hug. I love this father-son relationship because you feel the love *tear

3. Stiles and Scott are so brothers in my eyes (I mean Stiles already called Melissa McCall ‘mom’ and she seems just fine with that). They would literally do anything for one another and that makes me love both of them even more. When Stiles and Scott shared that touching moment in the ‘doctors’, I actually had some tears in my eyes. Scott, you better find a way to save Stiles because my heart cannot take all this sadness of Stiles not being himself?!

4. Alright, my girl Lydia needs some peace. She always seems like the craziest person by the end of the episode. We can clearly see that Aiden is not really giving her any peace (even though he is a cutie pie). So, can we can Stiles back because everyone knows he always makes her feel like she is sane?

5. So, far this season (3B), I sometimes fail to see the usefulness of Allison. Ever since she is not with Scott, it sometimes seems like she is in the background.

6. Finally, I like the ending where Kira’s mom shows that she is not just there in the show for no reason at all by ‘confronting’ evil Stiles (his “shadow self). I am not saying I like evil Stiles because I miss my original Stiles, but an evil Stiles is going to interesting to watch.

BONUS Thoughts (Unnecessary side thoughts)

-I was not even expecting to laugh because this episode is not funny in ANY sense, but I can always count on Derek (it is usually Stiles…*Sigh) with is dry humor to make me crack a smile. I love his interaction with Kira.

-I am getting the sense that Aiden is the more important twin because I hardly see Ethan. Where is he? and what is he doing?

-The wrapped up mummy sounded like Sméagol to me, especially when he kept asking Stile ‘WHAT IS IT?! Haha. I have no idea why that part made me laugh so hard.

-Melissa McCall, don’t dare get back with Scott’s dad because Sheriff Stilinski is the perfect match for you.

-Did Peter Hale, Deucalion and Gerard disappear to a magical island? I need answers !!

All my random thoughts...
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