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Over the weekend, MTV announced the renewal of its popular series Teen Wolf for Season 4, which it plans to air in 2014. The news came on Saturday in the midst of New York Comic-Con, which is as good a place as any to discuss news about a supernatural series involving (hobo) werewolves, banshees, darachs, demon wolves, and something called a Stiles. 

However, the network has only ordered 12 episodes for Season 4, after doubling the show's episode count in Season 3, which received 24 episodes divided among two half-seasons—a summer edition and a winter edition. The first half of Season 3 ended in August after a well-received but rather complex storyline, so it's a tad confusing as to why MTV is returning to the 12-episode model. If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably a mixture of having enough compelling stories to fill 24 episodes and actor availability. The second half of Season 3 begins January 6, 2014.

But for those of you who are upset about the shortened episode order, MTV has a small consolation prize to offer you: The network has also announced an official Teen Wolf after-show called Wolf Watch. The half-hour series will be hosted by Jill Wagner (Teen Wolf‘s Kate Argent) and will feature appearances by the cast and fans of the series; it will also discuss the series' intricate mythology. As far as I can tell, it's exactly like what MTV was airing after each episode of Season 3A, but now it has an official after-show title, a la AMC's Talking Dead.

Are you excited about the renewal? Saddened by the switch back to 12-episode seasons? Wondering how and when Derek Hale will return to Beacon Hills? Hit the comments!

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