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Yesterday we brought you the creepy, disorienting, and possibly nightmare-inducing first teaser for Teen Wolf Season 3B, featuring none other than Dylan O'Brien's Stiles. And tonight we have two more new videos to share—one for Allison (Crystal Reed) and one for Scott (Tyler Posey)—that premiered during tonight's new episodes of Awkward. Warning: You might want to make sure you have a clean pair of underwear nearby before pressing play.

Here's Allison's:

And here's Scott's:

We knew there would be consequences, and look, I'm not a specialist or a doctor or anything, but after viewing these teasers, maybe we should all think twice before agreeing to weird triple suicides to save family members in the future? Because the after-effects for our three main characters do not exactly look like a party I want to join. Except yes, I want to join that party. Is it January yet? 




I'll never hear "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" the same way again.

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