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So, I was thinking, we are all distracted by the trailer (which I am still guessing contains lots of outright lies and misdirection) and discussing the Kitsune mythology, that a random thought popped into my head.

The first episode back is named "Anchors." The first conversation that popped into my head was between Derek and Isaac when discussing how to control the wolf during the full moon and what their various anchors were that let them hold onto humanity. Then, I remembered in the first season when Scott was trying to figure out how to control himself and Derek was MIA, he and Stiles figured out that it was love, specifically for Alison at the time though I think it has been established it moved beyond that at some point, was what let him pull it back. Then I started thinking, when Cora was describing the emissary role to a wolf pack to Stiles, she referenced them as the connection to humanity for the pack. Then that lead me to the conversation Scott had with Deaton at the end of 3A where he said he looked to his friends if the darkness got to be too much. And really, the whole sacrifice thing where Lydia, Isaac and Deaton served as anchors to Stiles, Alison and Scott.

That led me to the following ponderings:

Stiles is clearly having issues, is perhaps the point he has to discover is he needs an anchor of his own?

Lydia and Isaac seem particularly out of sorts and able to see things in the trailer that the others don't seem to, so I wonder if the fact that the darkness maybe goes after our main characters' anchors seem important.

I wonder if the anchors are actually an issue this year in that maybe the only way to fight the supernatural is to fully embrace their respective supernatural natures....

Perhaps it is merely an issue of our main characters needing to find anchors to fight the darkness that it kind of looks like Alison might fail at finding.

Just a random consideration to discuss for those of us who are physically present at work but that is really it.
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