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After a brief hiatus, Teen Wolf will return for Season 4 on Monday, June 23, and if the new extended new trailer is any indication, the series is returning to its roots. 

And I don't just mean lacrosse, though the sport definitely feels more Teen Wolf–y than cross country ever did. The meaty, 90-second promo has the same horror vibe of Seasons 1 and 2, especially because it introduces the mysterious new character known as the Benefactor, who seems intent on eliminating the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills (so everybody on the show, basically?).

We already caught a glimpse of still-alive Kate Argent in the new Season 4 footage that was released last week, but this trailer makes it clear that the writers made a smart decision in bringing her back. Plus, we also get a look at newbies Dylan Spayberry, Mason Dye, and Khylin Rhambo, some hot makeout sessions, Papa Argent offering Scott some fatherly advice (!!!), shirtless Derek Hale (!!!!!!!!!), and Peter Hale being, well, Peter Hale. But the best part has to be that Dylan O'Brien's Stiles is back to his normal funny and sarcastic self, which I think we can all appreciate. Press play and then freak out with me in the comments!

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