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First let me say I've been shipping stiles and Lydia since the first season, but I've come to the realization that their relationship probably wouldn't succeed. Let me explain, and please remember this is only MY opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

Spoilers, so beware.

Codependent relationships rarely last:
Both Lydia, and Stiles are in hard places right now, so if they got together it seems like they would be relying on one another for stability. I'm not saying for a relationship to work each partner needs to be 100% stable however it seems clear to me that neither Lydia, or Stiles are stable enough to support anyone. Even though Stiles does a good job at hiding it I think it's safe to say he's insecure, about his place within the group, and now about his sanity. Lydia is struggling with her own problems also. There's some tension between her, and her mother that needs to be resolved, and ever since Jackson left she's become more distant with everyone. She's also dealing with her banshee powers, and how she can continue to have a normal life with them.

They have an uneven social status:
Teen Wolf does a great job of avoiding the high school popularity cliché, but it's clear Scott, and Stiles were not that popular while Lydia was quite popular. I don't think Stiles cares too much about being popular, but Lydia does. She even hides how intelligent she is because she thinks she won't be accepted. Stiles on the other hand thinks Lydia shouldn't hide it, and there lies the problem. Lydia is willing to do almost anything to be popular while Stiles would rather be unpopular and accepted. Typically popular people don't date unpopular people because it's not accepted. I'll admit this point is less important because for the most part Lydia, and Stiles have the same friends now, but that wasn't always the case.

Their best friends used to date, but they since broke up:
Scott and Stiles are like brothers, and Allison and Lydia are pretty close, so group dates would be a total no-no. Could you imagine the awkwardness if Scott/Kira, Allison/Isaac, and Stiles/Lydia went on a group date? Anyway I realize that's a pretty small argument, but the biggest problem is loyalty to their individual friend. An example would be if Scott and Allison got in some sort of argument, which feels like it will happen sooner or later, about dating. Lydia because Allison is her close friend will feel compelled to stand behind Allison, and Stiles will feel the same way with Scott. If your close friends can't get along it's going to be a hard relationship. I realize this is a what if scenario, and it's possible Scott, and Allison will never get to that point however it's possible.

Stiles is more into Lydia than she is into to him:
If a relationship is going to work both parties should to be equally in love, or just like each other about the same. Stiles is clearly head over heels in love with Lydia, and I'm positive she even knows that. Lydia however never reciprocates any of Stiles' affection, so one can assume she's not interested in Stiles. Relationships are hard, so if only one of them is fighting to succeed in a relationship how will they stay together?

Again this is just my two cents, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Am I completely off base? I really love both Stiles and Lydia, so if you think there's a way please let me know in the comments. I've also included a poll at the bottom in case you can't leave a comment, but you still want to contribute to the discussion.

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