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Teen Wolf S03E21: "The Fox and the Wolf"


Bad news and I'm very sorry, but it turns out that hexes are real and now my body is turning inside out. In other words I am sick, I was sick all night, I invented something called the cry-puke, and I was not able to recover enough to finish this photo recap. Again, I'm so sorry.

The main thing I am sorry about, though, is that "The Fox and the Wolf" was very, VERY GOOD and it's begging to be talked about. Just a devastating hour of television that was, well, sort of astounding to me. Astounding in the sense that a teen supernatural horror dramedy is one of the few pieces of pop culture in decades to address a subject as important and desperately in need of awareness as the Japanese-American internment camps during WWII. And not only address it but do it WELL. Thoughtful, artfully filmed, appropriately horrifying, and still relatable to young people. I just don't think it can be overstated what an achievement this episode (and in a larger sense this season) is. Sorry for getting real on you, but so did Teen Wolf, and I loved every second of it. Do I think actual werewolves were involved in the Japanese-American internment camps? Probably not. But emotionally Teen Wolf nailed it in a way I would have never expected.

Here are some bullet points from "The Fox and the Wolf" worth discussing:

... Kira's mother is officially amazing now. We're talking Mrs. Argent levels of perfection.

... That elevator scene with Allison and Sheriff Stilinski. What other show would take the time to check in on its characters' emotional states with such empathy? So real and so understated and so moving. 

... Soldiers are handsome.

... Did you frown very hard when the "Isaac" chess piece was just lying on the table beside the chess board?

... Does or does not the Nogitsune love to murder? It seemed like he killed A LOT of people back in the day but then the modern day gang seemed confident that he was simply a prankster. Which is it?

... Did Kira's mom look like a teenager for 840 years and then suddenly grow up? Do you think that will be addressed? Will Kira also be immortal? I'm obsessed with this family now.

ANYWAY HEY. I could use your help! Before my body was transformed into my arch-nemesis, I was just about to start the captioning phase of the recap, which means I now have 70-something images in need of words. PLEASE CAPTION THEM! You guys are funnier and smarter than I am, so if you want, please right-click and "copy image URL" or save these images to your desktop to paste/re-upload them as comments below (once you paste an image URL or upload an image, the caption field will let you write on it). Or caption them however else you'd like, I'm not the boss of you. But I'd love to see what you come up with! (Assuming I survive the day.)

Once again, sorry if I let anybody down. I hope to be back in the saddle soon. (I don't own a saddle, that was a metaphor, I currently have a restraining order against all horses.) Talk to you soon, and please have fun:

Thanks for understanding, guys. I'm off to go find a wizard or a druid or whatever to save my life. Pray for me. And thank you again, sincerely.

Price P.

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