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Ok, I've been thinking about this on and off for a while since we learned that a core member of the group was going to die.

After all this time, the group is quite tightly interwoven, and the loss of one of the focal points for the more emotional plots will be felt quite keenly.

Scott has lost his first love - even though he seems to be moving on with Kira, Allison was still that special someone, and he relied on her, trusted her and cared about her.
- Will her death make him harder? Darker?
- Will he pull away from Kira, or will she be able to comfort and support him?
- Will he be able to console and support Isaac, perhaps even bond more closely - or will this drive them apart?

Isaac too has lost someone that he cared a great deal about, and let me just state for the record: Is Isaac the new Derek? Is he NEVER allowed to have anything nice? Because he loses his brother, his dad turns abusive, his dad dies, he gets new wolfy friends, his friends run off and later end up dead, he moves in with Derek, Derek throws him out, he's besties with Scott, Scott gets a bit mad when he starts hooking up with Allison (but fortunately gets over it), he gets a girl, and the girl dies (in another man's arms).

Gee, life sure does hate you, Isaac. Poor Isaac.

Will this blow put a break on his personal growth and development that Allison helped kickstart? Because I LOVE Confident!Isaac and BAMF!Isaac, and really wouldn't mind seeing more of him!

I HOPE he doesn't misunderstand Allison's dying words to mean that she didn't care for HIM as well, and that he and Scott can bond over her loss rather than be driven apart.

Lydia was BFFs with Allison. In many ways, the two of them have been each others tie to the pack - Allison hanging out with Scott and Isaac and bringing Lydia in that way, Lydia occasionally hanging out with Stiles and others and bringing Allison in through that connection.

I hope the loss of Allison won't mean Lydia losing part of her connection to the pack, and wonder what it will do to her equilibrium now that her main confidante and apparently only (real) female friend is gone - Lydia has had a VERY bad year, and she doesn't have a very strong support network around her (she hangs with the pack now and then, but they're not close friends and they're not GIRLS).

And the real dozy: Chris Argent.
- How will he deal?
- Will he dedicate himself to the new code and ideal that Allison set forth?
- Or will he devolve into rage and despair and a need for vengeance, blaming her death on her werewolf BF's and Stiles, perhaps blaming Derek (and the twins) for making him late for the fight where she died?

I know what option I'm rooting for: The first.

I LOVE the way the character has evolved and mellowed, and the chemistry between Chris Argent and Derek Hale is delightful - I've really enjoyed seeing them work together and trust each other, it's such a sign of growth.

But my heart bleeds for the man - he's lost EVERYTHING.
I'm just hoping he'll grieve for having lost everyONE, and make the new and improved code the one THING he has left to live for.


What are YOUR thoughts on the impact of her death?
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