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So this week's Teen Wolf episode included a prolonged fever dream/sleepwalking nightmare in which Stiles is confronted by the nogitsune/"shadow self" in what he imagines is the basement of Eichen House, the mental health hospital that housed Barrow after his school bus bombing incident. Teen Wolf's not been shy in the past about sowing mysteries it never fully reaps, and generally it adds to the rich background of its characters and gives them a sense of history beyond the immediate needs of the plot, but this one seems different. The trajectory of the season seems hellbent on its mysteries: the identity of the nogitsune, his relationship to the Stilinski and Yukimura families, and the dark history of Beacon Hills. So I've assembled a few observations.

1. The nogitsune as he appears in Stiles' vision in "Riddled" is a uniformed World War II fighter pilot, including a leather bomber jacket with an Army Air Forces winged star patch (below), which is briefly visible a few times in the scene.

It was, as far as I know, only used for the Army Air Forces, which was only active during World War II before being replaced by the United States Air Force in 1947.

2. The nogitsune speaks Japanese, if in a strange and hilted cadence.

3. Assuming Mr. Yukimura told Allison and Isaac the truth, Allison's mysterious voicemail includes instructions in Japanese for internment camp prisoners during World War II at an otherwise undocumented Oak Creek facility.

4. The Yukimuras—Kira's mother's family—had long lived in Beacon Hills, moved away while Kira was young, and just recently moved back. Since Mrs. Yukimura appears to be the one controlling the Oni, she is likely the owner of the anonymous feet early in Season 3B and the one who called them out of the nemeton.

5. When confronting nogitsune-Stiles at the end of "Riddled," Mrs. Yukimura claimed the nogitsune knew her, which he then acknowledged. Although this could perhaps be only a recognition of each character's supernatural identity—i.e., that the nogitsune is a nogitsune, and that Mrs. Yukimura is whatever she is (another kitsune?)—it seems more personal than that. It seems that they have met before, or, given the potential chronological gap, met with her family before.

6. Barrow was an inmate of Eichen House—a name possibly derived from German die Eiche "oak"—for years before escaping and using Kira's kitsune powers to jump start Stiles' inner-nogitsune. (This may or may not be related to the internment facility Oak Creek, or the nemeton itself, or indeed the local druids, since "druid" may be derived from proto-Celtic "oak-knower" and 3A's villain was, of course, the darach "dark oak". It may also be that the Teen Wolf writers just like to play around with the idea of oaks or that Beacon Hills is particularly rife with them.)

7. In his dream, Stiles imagines himself trapped in the Eichen House basement though there is no indication that he previously knew what it looked like. When the sheriff and company discover the room, the "self" kanji—used by the Oni to mark un-possessed people—is scratched into the wall, though in Stiles' mind it is drawn with chalk.

8. Eichen House does appear on Stiles' detective wall, probably associated more with Barrow but of course part of the web that leads back to Stiles himself.

9. Stiles is exhibiting the same symptoms that his mother showed before her death. She was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and died, according to her file earlier this season, in 2004.

10. None of the three "sacrifices" from 3A—Scott, Stiles and Allison—have yet closed their "door".

So, by the very virtue of the list, I think most of these observations will somehow be related as the plot begins to coalesce. All arrows point to some (possibly supernatural) atrocity in Beacon Hills during World War II, but let me know what you think. Also, please feel free to correct and/or elaborate any of the details.
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