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So, the episode description for the past couple of weeks for tonight's episode has been something to the effect of Derek and Peter are helped by an unlikely ally. Now in two separate seasons the description of "unlikely ally" has been applied to one person - Chris Argent. Now, I've seen the sneak peek and read discussions about it and it appears that a woman helps them out (or at least her shadow). This of course leads everyone to assume Morrell. Like it could be Deucalion's repayment to Derek for letting him go or Morrell is trying to make amends. I had a more random idea, and this is true, the rescue is mainly happening before the credits to keep it a secret. But what if this portion was filmed before Adelaide Kade left for Ireland and Cora saves them but just doesn't want to go back to Beacon Hills when Derek states he has to go back. So we have a little open ended good closure with her. Heck, Cora and Morrell could have teamed up to save them.