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Ok, so the image of Meredith in the old picture has been nagging me ever since I viewed the episode.

The walls don't look white in the picture, meaning the photograph can't be brand new. Yet Meredith looks the same, meaning either that the room was repainted quite recently (not impossible) or, my crazypants theory which just won't leave me alone:

Meredith was a lot older than she looked, or maybe she wasn't quite there at all...

What do we really know about Meredith, other than the fact that she was locked up in Eichen house because of her powers (and then some)? We never met or heard about her family, did we?

I can't help but wonder if she actually died a long time ago, but returned/couldn't help but hang around because of her Banshee powers...

Did I just dream this, or was the soundproofed "Banshee-room" at the lakehouse Lydia's grandmother's? Because a part of me can't quite dislodge the idea that Meredith was in fact Lydia's dead grandmother...

Or maybe just another Banshee hanging out with gran, what do I know.

What do YOU think? Why was Meredith hanging at the lakehouse at some unknown moment in the past?
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