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Derek's story at the start of 3b has been a big mystery that wasn't touched upon, while Scott and his pack were dealing closing their doors and finding Malia before the evil fox spirit jump stared the plot. Derek finally rejoined the cast the story was dropped pretty fast in favor of figuring out what the Oni were, turned to find what they were looking for, and stopping an evil spirit that was controlling Stiles. It was a bit annoying for 3 or 4 episodes not getting any information on what Derek and Peter were up to or why they were captured by a different Hunter family. I forgot about it after Derek got his mom's claws and we had to deal with evil Stiles.

The show forgot about them too along with Malia but they had minor roles or mentions a bit in season 3b. One hunter bailed Argent out and tried to get him back to the old ways. Ethan and Aiden being shot at last week was probably related to these group of hunters. I wasn't sure how these hunters would play a role in the season, since the focus was on nogitsune. After the finale it is safe to say the story is going play out in season 4. True to Teen Wolf fashion the ending of the finale was shocking, but answered a few questions about these new hunters, namely who the she-wolf they've been hunting. Unsurprisingly the she-wolf was not Cora, but more surprisingly was Kate Argent is back from the dead, but is a werewolf thanks to Peter slitting her throat when he was an alpha. Like Derek I was shocked as hell as well. Sadistic, genocidal, Kate Argent is the she-wolf these new hunters have been hunting and she's back in Beacon Hills just after her niece's death.

They brought back Peter in season 2, but never thought Kate would be revived or she would be a werewolf. So many questions are bouncing around my head. How long has Kate be back? What did she do to these hunters to antagonist them to the point of stepping on the Argents' turf to question Derek about it? Is Kate still their enemy? Did she come back to get revenge on Peter for killing her and if so what will mean for Malia, Peter's long lost daughter, who is learning from Scott on how to change? What are Chris and Gerard going to do when they found out about Kate? Her eyes looked a different from blue or yellow. Were they green eyes or was I seeing things? I love to hear other people's opinion on what these hunters and their she-wolf could mean for season 4,
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