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The episode is called "The Overlooked" I am going to guess this means Peter. First, he shows up more in the previews for the episode than he even did when he was narrating part of Episode 8. And I think it is actually a good way all the characters and to a certain extent us have been sort of treating him. Like we all find him funny and ultimately don't trust him, but even when you listed him on suspects lists at the Darach it kind of petered out. Heck, it has even been awhile since I have heard the theory he wants to be part of the Alpha pack himself thing. But I am going to guess that the fact that the Alpha Pack has totally ignored Peter this whole time is an oversight that they may regret, especially once Peter and Scott are fighting together because the Alphas will have a bit of an, oh crap, why do these two fight together so well (I have this theory that the Alphas all kind of think that Derek was still the first season Alpha who bit Scott). But, I think Peter will have a brief hero moment where he manages to get Cora, the Sheriff and Melissa out of the clutches of the bad guys while the others distract the Alphas and then try and escape letting them at the Darach (I am not going to call her Jennifer anymore)

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