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For all of us Teen Wolf fans, and fans of Tyler Hoechlin as Derek, I have some news that I think u will all like. Tyler has not only been considered, but is also one of the front runners to replace the stepping down Bale who never gets tired of saying it. But it will not in another Batman sequel or batman movie at all, but the sequel to "Man of Steel" "Superman and Batman in the same live action movie!" We all know that Tyler pulls off the brooding, damaged look really well, he can also look really pissed off and can do fight scenes without a costume, so it's fairly easy to say that he can do it as Batman. Here's some things that I have read so far that might get in his way of the the role: Ok well for one his age, they haven't said yet whether that MOS 2 will take place for sure in Nolan's universe, though I hope not, not cuz the Verse Nolan created wasn't epic, it was. Nolan is the exec producer, but Zack Snyder is the writer and director although who knows if Nolan might hold a gun to his head. But if it does take place in the Nolan verse when? during the how many years from Begins, to TDK which was not even a year. Than from there to Rises was 8 years of no Batman. Than he's Batman for a few days and than well you know. If it's after TDKR they may want an older actor as Tyler is younger than Bale.

So what do you guys think:

1. Should this Batman be from the Nolan verse at all, or just be a new actor playing the same role but having nothing to do with any of the events of the trilogy. In essence revamping the character again without another origin story

2. Would Tyler make a good Bruce Wayne/Batman? As if I actually even had to ask, despite the age difference and continuity. We all know how those fanboys and girls live to nitpick about those kinds of things.

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