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I was posting on a forum page like I always do and @edshrinker said that I should post a forum topic so here it is, I hope it's ok and is up to the great standards that the writers on this community website hold.
I was talking to some friends the other day just about general crap, random things that most of the time isn't anything important like the fact that our world is going to shit, I turn on the news and I'm just depressed at the amount of crappy crappy things that are happening, any who we started to how on about the tv shows we watch, and they started to tell me some of there favourites and then I listed mine. I told them about Orphan black, and supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, The originals, lost girl, and the listener, and then I told them about Teen Wolf and they laughed at me purely by the name of the title and that stupid stupid movie. I've had this happen a few times before when I'm having to justify and in turn promote Teen Wolf. I don't mind at all because I LOVE THIS SHOW and talking about its bones and describing how yummy it's meat tastes just after one taste make me feel good. Back to my conversation because what felt like 120 years of trying to make them believe what was coming out of my mouth I decided to show them some video clips that I though best complimented Teen Wolf but didn't give to much away and it worked they became believers and now are Vivid fans of the show, and Derek I may have put in some "non-bias" opinions about his sheer sexiness mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ok snap out of it, here are those videos.

Have you ever had to promote Teen Wolf to someone or any other show, feel free to share the stories, photos or videos you used.
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