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Aug 01, 2016
Why the Wild Hunt?
In mythology the Hunt rides to capture wandering souls that try to escape the afterlife, which begs the question: Why Stiles? The only completely non-supernatural person is the last one that should be a target. Given that the Hellhound, the creature responsible for tracking and running down said targets, chose to insert itself in Beacon Hills as a Deputy Sheriff of all possible cover identities might just be telling. When you consider that the Ghost Rider looks like a demonic rendition of Wyatt Earp of all things instead of a medieval Celtic knight it definitely seems like a pattern. Traditionally only certain individuals can summon the Hunt. If Stiles is one of them for whatever reason then perhaps it is his own subconscious that is choosing the victims. After all, if there are two people he blames for everything that has gone wrong in Beacon Hills it is himself and ...Read more
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Jul 06, 2016
Scott will be single for season 6!

I'm constantly searching for Teen Wolf news and found this article a short while ago. Jeff Davis and co say that Scott will be single for season 6. I'm on board with this. We've never really had a chance to see Scott fly solo. In addition to this news, the article also states that the show won't be returning until fall. That's slightly disappointing but honestly, after the nightmare of season 5, I don't miss the show that much. Still, I will tune in to season 6 (unless they bring Theo back--that's something I can't tolerate).

What are your thoughts about Scott's relationship status? I know more than a few of you found his romances sickening lol. Personally, I loved his relationship with Allison and found his relationship with Kira to be weird and awkward. I think Scott will learn so ...Read more
Mar 07, 2016
A season 6 theory (because I didn't want to be alone)
So, I was scrolling through Google the other day and came upon a reference to discussions about how season 6 is already filming and what is up that indicated Kira wasn't around anymore.

Now, I know, especially people who were unwilling to let go of Allison, weren't always fans of Kira. I myself liked Kira at the start and thought they show just didn't seem to know what to do with her. But, honestly, my concern is less to do with Kira herself and more, well, poor Scott.

They have talked about that he is darker as he returns from dead and although he is willing to kill, he's not exactly darker. A little less willing to take crap. But, I mean, seriously, my first thought that Kira might be dying is that I hope its entirely kitsune related and not skinwalker or Beast related. Just ...Read more
Feb 27, 2016
Season 5 resolutions that we need

I can't believe there are only two episodes remaining and so much is still up in the air. We need some resolutions but we're not likely to get many. Which storylines would you like to see tied up by the end of this season?

  1. 1. Since the latest from Khylin Rhambo makes it seems like he really is the beast (Jeff Davis told him he's the beast), what happens now? Can he be saved or must he die? And was Corey trying to protect Mason or turn him over to Theo? I want to believe that Corey was trying to save him. After that kiss, in which he instantly pulled away, he could have alerted Theo but didn't. (Or did he and Theo's been off plotting his next move?)
  2. 2. What about Kira and her battle to control the kitsune? Kira has to be my ...
Read more
Jan 21, 2016
Hey, we catch up!
In a sneak preview MTV released (its the scene that takes up the next time on Teen Wolf with Stiles trying to talk to Lydia). It ends with the mean lady nurse saying its time for her shower, so I sort of feel like we probably catch up to the season premiere next week with Lydia's story. Which can only mean we are two weeks away from the stories finally coming together since the season premiere ended with Valack pointing the drill at Lydia which is how 5B opens up. It does make me think that her escape is accomplished and Jordan is helping the pack.
Dec 15, 2015
Are Teen Wolf and the Shannara Chronicles connected?
Now, this theory is totally out of my butt, in the middle of the night my DVR recorded the trailers for the two shows back to back which I watched mid caffeine. Those are my two personal caveats. My other is that I know the Shannara Chronicles are based on an outside source material and, well, even though there is that movie, Teen Wolf is not. So here goes,

In the Shannara Chronicles (based entirely on the trailer, I know nothing else about the show) ultimately the big quest of the show is to give new life to a tree which is the source of the elven powers (I think) and which when fully grown and alive holds the demons in their world. As it is dying, or something more dramatic happens, demons start to escape and its up to our heroes to do something with elf stones. Okay, pretty ...Read more
Oct 13, 2015
My rewatch of Season 5A thoughts
I have found since Season 3 that when you rewatch a season of Teen Wolf with all the information you have, it ends up making a lot more sense. Like, this was most clear to me in Season 3A. I don't know if it was the let down after the best season of this show (Season 2) or what, and even now that others are yelling about them about it, I don't super get what the point of the ceremony to awaken the Nemeton in order to find it was because Allison and Isaac still were wandering fairly aimlessly and she was asking him to find a scent and the only reason they found it was her father's sonar. But the story made a lot more sense, especially to feed into 3B. There is not a lot to say positive about Season 4, other than if you ...Read more
Sep 02, 2015
Who is La Bete?
I was rewatching 3B the other day and a scene during "Insatiable" set off alarm bells. It was after the Oni copped a feel on Stiles's soul and he asked Noshiko if the lack of stabbing afterword meant he was himself again. Her reply was "more you than the Nogitsune". Considering that Stiles's shiny new body was literally conjured into being from within a supernatural creature it makes sense that some trace element of otherness would linger. In other words he is a chimera, maybe even the chimera.

Other supporting evidence:

All season the Dread Doctors referred to Scott as "The Obstacle" even though he clearly wasn't a threat to them in any physical way. Given how hard Theo worked to isolate Stiles from the others it follows that the reason may have been to give his creators more access to him while making it less likely ...Read more
Aug 20, 2015
I have a theory about Scott's asthma
Let me caveat, I am not a medical professional of any sort nor do I, nor do any of my immediate family members, suffer from asthma, but this is entirely from reading a WebMD site and then applying my own reasoning and analytical skills (I am a lawyer, I actually have those in spades).

So, you know how Theo's whole plan seems to be to get rid of Scott and take over the pack himself? And we have clearly seen him undermining Scott, even if Scott has figured that out and is playing him on that portion, I started having another idea.

WebMD tells me that Status Asthmaticus attacks can occur in cases where asthma has not been properly controlled or exposure to some allergen or other outside trigger. That got me thinking about Scott's asthma inhaler. First, his first attack, I suggest might have been more panic ...Read more
Aug 17, 2015
Dread Doctor's Motive?
So, I saw this screen grab this morning of the Dread Doctor's lair, in the background there are clear images about the lunar cycle, a picture of a full moon, and what looks similar too but not exactly like the werewolves' symbol for vengeance. Then, the sneak preview for tonight has Theo yelling at the Dread Doctor's because he was promised a pack, he kept up his end of the bargain to keep Scott out of their way and he needs Hayden alive to accomplish this even if they consider her a failure. This got me thinking, the characters are in a mode of paying attention to the full moon because of Liam and one hasn't occurred since the season premiere, last episode Melissa made note of the Sheriff's keeping a lunar cycle calendar, the D.D.'s have a limited time frame, and though the ...Read more
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