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Sep 09, 2014
Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap Through Reactions: "Newbies, monsters and deputies... oh my!"
If you’ve read my “recap through reactions” of seasons 1, 2, 3A and 3B, then you know that no one in my circle of friends (despite my pleas) watches this amazing, hilarious, beautifully mythical teen adventure. So I turn to you, the community, to be my Teen Wolf buddies, in good times and in bad, through sickness and health, through new baby werewolves and hellish bear-wearing demons bent on destruction.


Without further ado, I give you Toni Watches Teen Wolf Season 4.

Well guys, I just got tingles when all of our heroes showed up at the club with their eyes all flashy. “You shouldn’t have come here alone.” - “Who says I did?” Oh Stiles! How I missed you!

Haha, Malia. I’m gonna like you, girl. She didn’t understand why they weren’t just leaving Lydia behind. The fact that she was a literal ...Read more
Aug 07, 2014
The Mystery of Meredith (Teen Wolf)
Ok, so the image of Meredith in the old picture has been nagging me ever since I viewed the episode.

The walls don't look white in the picture, meaning the photograph can't be brand new. Yet Meredith looks the same, meaning either that the room was repainted quite recently (not impossible) or, my crazypants theory which just won't leave me alone:

Meredith was a lot older than she looked, or maybe she wasn't quite there at all...

What do we really know about Meredith, other than the fact that she was locked up in Eichen house because of her powers (and then some)? We never met or heard about her family, did we?

I can't help but wonder if she actually died a long time ago, but returned/couldn't help but hang around because of her Banshee powers...

Did I just dream this, or ...Read more
Aug 05, 2014
Best Teen Wolf Music, Part II
Nearly midway through Season 3, I wrote a post titled "Best Music Moments in MTV's Teen Wolf" (here) in appreciation of the excellent music MTV has been using in its scripted series. It's been a year, and it's time to revisit.

10. Hayden Calnin “Coward”Melissa stresses over bills, Scott shares Garrett’s blood-money with Stiles in “Orphaned” (S4ep6)

“Coward” feels heavy. Its percussion drags even as it trips forward, weighing down Hayden Calnin’s echoing and distant vocals and its ethereal triangle chimes. Real-life, human problems, like the financial struggles of a single parent, have been a major theme of Season 4. Calnin’s opening lyrics chime in—“Break down/On your knees and drown”—and give a somber melody to Melissa McCall’s very mundane but very real problems and Scott’s sense of helplessness as he overhears her difficulties.

9. Korn (feat. Noisia) “Burn ...

Read more
Jul 27, 2014
Scott was always meant to be a True Alpha?
Since we're about to hit a mid-season break, and I'm supposed to be studying for one of my finals, I decided it would be a good idea to start watching Teen Wolf again from the very beginning.
I'm currently on S01E07, and couldn't help but notice Scott with red eyes. This is right around the 33 minute mark right after Scott gets pinned by Peter in the gymnasium and is forced to turn. The eyes flash red before they turn their typical yellow. I totally missed it the first time around.
I guess this means they started laying the groundwork for the season 3 reveal way back in season 1? That's pretty cool. I wonder how many other times I missed hints of Scott being a True Alpha?

Jul 19, 2014
Why I'm always promoting such a great show like Teen Wolf
I was posting on a forum page like I always do and @edshrinker said that I should post a forum topic so here it is, I hope it's ok and is up to the great standards that the writers on this community website hold.
I was talking to some friends the other day just about general crap, random things that most of the time isn't anything important like the fact that our world is going to shit, I turn on the news and I'm just depressed at the amount of crappy crappy things that are happening, any who we started to how on about the tv shows we watch, and they started to tell me some of there favourites and then I listed mine. I told them about Orphan black, and supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, The originals, lost girl, and the listener, and then I told them ...
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Jun 26, 2014
Teen wolf season 4
We had finally waited three months and here it is.
Jun 16, 2014
New title sequence!
Created and published by: Teen Wolf Music
Jun 07, 2014
To see the full trailer
Go to

Put in the code words in this order:

And then enjoy!!!!
May 06, 2014
New season of Teen Wolf "What i think should happen."
Okay for the new season of teen wolf what i would love to see is introduce a new character, i know they only just put Kira in but id love for Issac to find a love interest that actually goes somewhere unlike him and Allison just hooking up and having dreams about each other. I really want to see Issac happy and recover from Allison's death, i think they should finally bring in a girl thats actually human and not have ANY supernatural powers or abilities. Just to make things a little more interesting. Also i think Stiles should get a new girl too and make her SUPER gorgeous and kind of dorky and human!!! As for Issac and Stiles they deserve normal girls that will love them for them because they are in fact my favorite characters on the show! i defiantly love both their humor and would ...Read more
Apr 26, 2014
Teen Wolf Season 3B Recap Through Reactions: "Ugh.. *sob* *choke* *sniff* ...why?????"

I laughed, I cried, I screamed, hid my face under my hands, shook my head and rolled my eyes. Teen Wolf, it's been a wacky, sexy, terrifying adventure and I can already feel my body going through withdrawal symptoms.

Without further ado, I give you, Toni Watches Teen Wolf Season 3B.

OH MY! That was an incredible cold open and I am very concerned for the light of my heart, Stiles. So many twists! One of them made my soul leap when Lydia sat up in bed with him. Romantic fake-out! Oh man, show, you toy with my emotions and I ain’t even mad. But yeah, that was pretty rough to watch.

Oh boy! A new love interest for Scott! And her teacher dad seems super awkward, so I doubt he’ll be pulling a gun on him or anything. I guess this show is really giving the ...
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