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Sep 28, 2017
Gone too soon but hopefully not forever.
Missing one of the best TV series about supernatural beings already. Not happy about the finale....that Grand Daddy Argent's pawn didn't get ended but like the fact that the ending gives you hope of a spin-off; special movies or even another comeback series to continue on after high school/college for the characters; Scott and his pack/family/friends. I'm hoping that is why it ended as it did....to give us hope and to see how many of us want more. Make me happy....don't leave us without a series that kept us entertained as well as hungry for more each season.
Feb 24, 2016
Season 5 Episode 18, "The Maiden of Gervadan"
Hey guys, I'm not feeling all to well tonight, I'm currently watching the new episode but not really up for a review so we'll have to settle for just chatting this week. Sorry!
Season 5 Episode 17, "A Credible Threat" Reactionary Review
Feb 17, 2016
Oh Dear God, Just Tell Us Who The Beast Is Already!
Brief recap: First, Lydia was FINALLY rescued from Eichen House and her Never-Around-Mother finally made herself useful and tased the sh*t outta Tracy (I remembered her name!!). Second, Valak quite literally lost his mind when Lydia screamed so loud it blew his brain apart. He deserved it tho, so it's cool. Guys, I hope we finally find out who the Beast is. I love the mystery but it's being dragged out a tad too long for my liking.

Season 5 Episode 17:

Parrish "sleep walks" every single night?

I'm gonna be so mad if Papa Argent has to shoot Parrish. But I admit I'm super excited to find out what exactly Parrish does when he's in Hellhound mode.

You lost him? Oh come on, Papa Argent!

Damn. Parrish f*cking people up he leaving hella dead bodies and sh*t. Or maybe it's ...
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Season 5 Episode 16, "Lie Ability", Reactionary Review
Feb 10, 2016
Don't Scream, You Might Kill Everybody You Love
I'm too excited for this episode so I'ma just keep the recap simplec so I can hurry up and get to the episode: last week Team Scott set out to rescue Lydia and things didn't go as planned. AT ALL. They had some successes but by the end of the episode Lydia was still in danger and no one could her to her thanks to the Mountain Ash. I can't wait to see if/how they get Lydia out. Also, I hope Hoe-Ass Theo bites it.

We finally get to see Parrish really go badass on somebody!

Look at Punk-Ass Theo using Lydia as a hostage, gawd I hate him soo much.

They're not hurting Parrish at all! That girls claws didn't even pierce his skin. Is he immune to their attacks?

Ahahahaha Theo, that's what you get. I hope Valak injected you ...
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Season 5 Episode 15, "Animation", Reactionary Review
Feb 03, 2016
Operation Break A Banshee Loose
Gonna try something a little different. Instead of taking forever to do a recap (they take me forever cuz I watch so much tv I almost never remember what happened last episode), I’m just gonna jump into the new episode and remember/recap anything important as I go if need be.

So we just gon start the show with The Beast roaming the streets looking for somebody to f*ck up? Ok, cool.

Man that thing really is ugly. Btw, do on we know what teen was used to make The Beast?

Wow, these cops is rolling like 50 squads deep on this Beast.
WAIT. HOLD UP. WAYMENT.........I know that Beast did not get his big ass on that elevator LMAO!! We riding elevators now? That's what we doing today? AHAHAHAHAHA! He got ass on that elevator like he was going to work. Bahahahaha, that's too ...
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Season 5 Episode 14, "The Sword and the Spirit", Reactionary Review;
Jan 27, 2016
Sooooo, Malia's Mom Is Worse Than Jiayang From Shield
Last week on "Why Isn't Lying-Ass Theo Dead Yet?":
1. Kira got into with some Skinwalkers who were all like "We're gonna try to help you tame that sneaky fox you got squatting in your body but if we fail, you're gonna live in the dirt with us for the rest of eternity." Doesn't seem like a very fair deal to me tbh it's cool cuz Scott's superiority complex lead him to "rescue" Kira and he snatched her and mom up just in the knick of time.

2. Scott was still side eyeing the sh*t outta Liam for beating his ass, which ok that'd kinda fair, but Scott was also seeking forgiveness from Stiles. So it seemed a little wack to me that he would want Stiles to let it go while also harboring unforgiveness towards Liam. Also, Stiles finally told Scott ...
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Season 5 Episode 14, "Co-dominance" Reactionary Review
Jan 20, 2016
The Beast is Clearly The Devil Incarnate
Recap: 1. BREAKING NEWS……..Lying-Ass Theo remained a bitch despite all of my online petitions that he stop that sh*t. Guys, I truly hate him soo much. I hope he dies and then when he gets to hell, Satan sentences him to digging elephant graves with plastic teaspoons for the rest of eternity. And he only gets one teaspoon every 100 years. If it breaks, then he better get it popping with those broken shards and keep digging. 2. The Beast continued to run amok through the streets f*cking up random cops for no reason. Hayden and Liam almost got got by The Beast but managed to jump off a cliff just in time. Also we found out that The Beast is not a new creation and is in fact an old ass creature who they resurrected for obviously nefarious reasons. 3. Papa Stiles talked to baby Stiles ...Read more
Season 5 Episode 12, "Damnatio Memoriae" Reactionary Review
Jan 13, 2016
La Bete Was Loose and $%&*ing Everything Up
Hey guys! I didn’t really get to say hi to everyone last week cuz just as I was getting to the end of last week’s episode (5 minutes from the end!) I somehow accidentally magically refreshed my Firefox page and all my precious Theo wailings and cussing was gone into the abyss. But this time, I’m typing up my review in Word so that will NEVER happen again! Anyways, I feel like there’s no need to do the recap of 5A so I’ll just do a recap of last weeks episode:

1. Lydia is GOING THROUGH Y’ALL. Like for real, bitch getting snatched up and head cracked open and sh*t. Apparently its all for her own good tho, cuz that doctor who’s name I can’t remember is amplifying her powers by exposing her brain matter to the world. But still, bitch ...Read more
Promo Video
May 15, 2015
MTV's Killer Party Promo for Scream
The new MTV series Scream certainly doesn't cut corners! The network posted a "Killer Party" promo to promote the new series, and their guest list included many stars of MTV's top series.
Sep 09, 2014
Teen Wolf Season 4 Recap Through Reactions: "Newbies, monsters and deputies... oh my!"
If you’ve read my “recap through reactions” of seasons 1, 2, 3A and 3B, then you know that no one in my circle of friends (despite my pleas) watches this amazing, hilarious, beautifully mythical teen adventure. So I turn to you, the tv.com community, to be my Teen Wolf buddies, in good times and in bad, through sickness and health, through new baby werewolves and hellish bear-wearing demons bent on destruction.


Without further ado, I give you Toni Watches Teen Wolf Season 4.

Well guys, I just got tingles when all of our heroes showed up at the club with their eyes all flashy. “You shouldn’t have come here alone.” - “Who says I did?” Oh Stiles! How I missed you!

Haha, Malia. I’m gonna like you, girl. She didn’t understand why they weren’t just leaving Lydia behind. The fact that she was a literal ...Read more
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