Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • fabulous

    Very nice and real hrrrrrrrrhmmm
  • Pick to see which black guy dies first

    This episode was good I'm just wondering why the only black werewolf has to die lol well at least he didn't die first. I guest they might have did it because they killed one the best looking girls as well.
  • Heading the right way

    This show is heading the right way. It feels like every wolf is drawn directly or indirectly towards Scott, highly predictable he being a really badass in fact, still finally a little bit closer towards Scott's development as a werewolf is revealed. Great episode.
  • A goody basket of Bertie Bott's All-flavour Beans - horror, silliness, fights, feels - all in all, Teen Wolf at its best.

    Ok, first off: I LOVED this episode.

    So much goodness. So many FEELS!

    A few random points, not neccessarily in order:

    Scott's mom was AWESOME. People are going "it's her job, right", but I don't think so. Not being a nurse I can't be sure, but I think the kind of semi-surgical intervention she pulled with Danny is NOT something nurses are supposed to do, it's doctors-only-territory and could probably get her fired/sued (if it was a real hospital, anyway) and so it was legitimately AWESOME. :)

    I think Ethan has Real Feels for Danny and agrees that Mrs. McCall is made of win.

    Really liked the closet scene with Allison and Scott - if they've gotten to the point where they can giggle and joke about boners, I think there's hope for them BOTH as friends and lovers. :)

    Stiles gets to be so much more grown up and serious this season, and gets TAKEN more seriously as well - I think it's GREAT.

    From two ep's ago, when he noticed Lydia and Allison following the bus (Perceptive!Stiles) to trying to figure out WHAT Lydia's power is (Scientific!Stiles ;) ) and having her go along with it, from logically agreeing that his father Needs To Know to NOT jumping to the conclusion that Angry!Derek had been tempted to kill Boyd but instead IMMEDIATELY giving Sad&Shocked!Derek as much support as he could probably handle - this is a Stiles I like.

    Less being dismissed because of hysterical babbling, more being perceptive, smart, quickwitted and emotionally mature.

    More Chris Argent!

    More Sheriff Stilinsky!

    More Mrs. McCall!

    Teen shows often suffer from a lack of adults all round - most of the teens just run around getting into trouble and we never even get to see their parents, sometimes just glimpse them in ONE scene at the principal's office or some such. Here we have THREE strong, parental figures who are actually VISIBLE, may have some IMPACT on the plots/storylines, and are really cool and more or less BAMF! too! :)

    Also, I'm kind of annoyed that Deaton didn't think to mention to ANYONE that it was actually Deucalion who killed his own guy - werewolves are walking lie-detectors, right, someone should be able to tell that "hey, Deaton is telling the truth!"...

    If it ever gets out, I'm hoping that may be the sticking point for at least Ethan, if not both twins - this is not a righteous vendetta, GET OUT!

    I'm also thinking Aiden might die, meaning no more freaky Fisting!Wolf and lots of FEEEELS!

    Do we think Danny will end up turned? (Do we WANT him to? The Pack kind of needs some new blood, right?)

    Do we think Sheriff Stilinsky will get the full scoop in an episode or two? (I really, really want this. I want him to hear, and understand, and be AWESOME about

    Do we think Ethan will turn to the Light Side of the Force? Will Aiden join him, or will there be an epic "e tu, Brutus?" moment? (I want Ethan. And Danny. Dethan. Enny. Yes. Just
  • I guess even the best episodes have their thorns

    What I liked about this episode:

    Stiles, Lydia & Cora working together. There needs to be more of it.

    Stiles being there for Derek for teh fight and after Boyd died. It may be a clich but that touch meant a lot to me. It made an interesting contrast to the mountain ash scene in S2.

    Boyd & Cora's experience in the vault being aknowledged.

    Seeing Erica again. Ss much as I miss her I'm at least glad she went out as she has lived - a fighter.

    Melissa being amazing. She is a truly wonderful character.

    Sherriff being a BAMF. I like the character and I hope he finds out about all the shenenigans and it strenghtens his relationship with Stiles. They both deserve it.

    Boyd, Isaac and Derek being a Pack. I like that they went to him to offer support and didn't let him sass them out of helping and that he actually listened and went with their plan.

    Scott & Isaac watching over Melissa. Or at least trying to.

    What I didnt like:

    I can't take Scott being the One True Alpha seriously. I just don't see the things Deaton was talking about in him, I guess.

    Jennifer. Such a poorly handled character. If she turns out to be the Darach then i can maybe somewhat forgive the writers what this atrocity.

    Boyd dying. I was intrigued. and I want Derek to have a Pack.

    I wonder how important a lunar eclipse will be later on.

    I'm afraid what Gerard and Alpha Alpha's actual plans are.

    I'm curious who the druid is more than ever.