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Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2014 on MTV - Music Television
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In this episode,Scott and Lydia join forces to bring back Stiles back from his subconscious. Meanwhile Sheriff Stilinski faces the review board and Scott's father is going to reveal the reason why he left his mother.Ethan,Aiden,Derek and Issac start acting a bit different.

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  • B*** slap that Foxy Mama

    I do know she, mama Kitsune, suffered horribly. Her family and friends suffered horribly. The one nice white guy suffered horribly (that's what being nice gets you in horror shows), but she, a bad-ass supernatural trickster herself (not certain why she didn't use her own trickster powers to escape the internment camp) calls down an even more bad-ass Japanese trickster--chaos and strife brought to near invincible life. It's a spirit of *chaos* and *strife*. It doesn't care about innocence or guilt. It simply wants, like as Alfred in Dark Knight said, to watch the world burn. Sure, it would've wiped out the bad guys in ways (as we saw in the present were not very tricky at all. Pretty up front for a trickster. Disappointing), but it would've killed everyone else too. Japanese interred or American racist dicks. It would've killed her own people, kind of like it's been trying to kill her daughter.

    Onward, if I was Stiles, possessed and forced to play the boring game of Go in my subconscious with the Nogitsune, I'd kick Foxy Mama's ass if I survived. He was able to beat the crap out of Derek and didn't get to *see* it. Able to be a dick to Agent McCall (the most bland government agent visible to the naked human eye--is that a neuralyzer?) and didn't get to enjoy it. But never mind.

    On to more of De-void.

    Stiles 'I can act, suckers' Stilinski is 2/3's of the only reason to watch the show. Funny, snarky, smart, spastic, saves everyone and yet is perpetually ignored because either his friends are all worthless or Jeff Davis wouldn't know *the* fan favorite if it bit him in the ass. HE'S THE FAVORITE--WHY ARE YOU IGNORING HIM 99.9% of the TIME??? And to see him actually get a fair sized role? To go from snarky and smart to malicious and spiteful was brilliant (it wasn't on par with evil Willow, but the guy works for Jeff Davis and that dude is NO (guy who did Buffy as that's automatically deleted. Wow). It's not Stiles' fault. You can only work with what you have been The manipulation of his dad and Chris 'I swallow the toad. Follow the road. Follow the *code*' Argent was Loki-esque in his facial expressions. And with Melissa McCall. And with Mama wonderful line: "Where is the woman who wanted chaos and strife?" Blah blah--I don't want it anymore. And Stiles wonderful spoil it, but was succinct and brilliant. I've only watched four, maybe six eps of this show (but have heard my friend's daughter spout War and Peace length epics on it all) and I can say without a doubt the actor who plays Stiles (one of the two actors who *can* actually act) is so wasted. He needs more magic, he needs a lacrosse stick covered in wolfsbane. He needs to be fighting the good fight every time and not shunted off, because, Jeff 'who thinks 16 and 17 y/o girls dating murderers is hot' Davis, if you only have two actors on your show who can genuinely act--use them.

    Calling Scott (I need Velcro because laces are *hard*. Being a werewolf is hard, unless it gets me chicks and athlete superstardom in lacrosse (seriously? Lacrosse??) I don't want an Alpha. Oh, cool, I am an Alpha by virtue of my pure heart--that whole lying and ignoring all my friends so I can sleaze around with a chick, also lie to her, and poison her evil old grandfather while forcing other werewolves to do the dirty work as my BFF gets the crap beaten out of him and not bother to notice he's even missing or brutally bloodied days later because--you know--gots to get the SEX, ignore all that. True Alpha-that's me! What? Again? Damn these laces. Stiles, come tie my shoes!) McCall: "Hey, Scott, Stiles is possessed and missing. Your best friend since childhood, the one who always saves you, but you never save him (because of all the sex and boobs?) Argents want to kill him, Foxy mama wants to kill him, are you going to use your werewolf powers--or ordinary human powers to pull an all-nighter--to find him and finally for once in your miserable worthless sex-crazed existence save *him*?"

    No. No, Scott doesn't do that, because as the True Alpha, anointed leader, he'd rather take the new girl back to his room, share his bed, and stare deeply into her boobs--I mean eyes. Sure. Yeah. We'll go with eyes.

    Derek: Dude, I know you *could* act if they'd let you. If they'd give you some dry wit under those multiple layers of manpain and 1990s Chippendale's hair and body, I sense you have talent. I'm crossing my fingers for you because all I've seen is robotic Stepford Wolf. But I *sense* that it's there--deeeeeep down. Fight for it! If you let that scarf-wearing, douche-wolf get more face time than you, it's a crime.

    Allison: Are they supposed to be 17 y/o? Yeah, no. This chick looks 14 y/o and seeing her sleep with a werewolf who wears hipster douchebag scarves (a werewolf wearing *scarves*??) and then being chained to her bed by him is HIGHLY DISTURBING. I would commend you on not going the other way like CW in which all the high schoolers look 27 y/o, but no. NO. Don't care what the DMV says, she looks 14 y/o. It's disgusting. I looks illegal. Also she can't act.

    Isaac 'Hipster Douchebag Werewolf': HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Dude, are you Jeff Davis's nephew? His kid? You're not qualified to do a puppet show for pre-schoolers much less *act*. You're Ken's metrosexual, non-anatomically correct younger cousin. There are schools, classes, people (ask the guy who plays Stiles) who can help you express at least *one* emotion on your face per season. Seek help.

    Lydia: My friend's kid says she's reaaaaaaaally really smart but pretends to be stupid to be popular (complete rip off of Cordelia from BTVS? YES!) Except Cordy had a make up artist on the set. Lydia either has a four year old with lots of red crayons or a $2 Saigon 'ho doing her make-up. Holy crap. If Bozo the Magic Clown had a sex change operation but kept the clown make-up, this would be the result. Also she can't act either, but that might not be her fault. With twenty pounds of flaming red lipstick and even more flaming red blush, she might not be capable of moving any facial muscles.

    Peter: of the few eps I've seen, this show would be enormously improved by making it the Stiles and Peter (while coaching Derek) show. Peter chews the scenery with the best of them. If they won't give him much of a part, he'll flip them off and make it a Godzilla of a part--two lines of dialogue or not. The guy walks around with his own soundtrack. No one else does that. He's hilariously evil. He's hot. He wears cool clothes (never a douche scarf in his vicinity) He's manipulative, not that he has to try very at all. "You know, you could save the town if you stood in front of that speeding train and be turned to werewolf soup while I inherit your Alpha Thumbs up. Jumps in front of train. I feel badly that he doesn't have to try harder. He has so much more in him that they never use.

    Peter: Derek, you were adopted and are actually a were-Pomeranian. And next scene you see Derek walking around with a pink rhinestone studded collar. For God's sake, give Peter a challenge!

    Coach Finstock: I don't know what drugs he's on, but I want some. Insane in the membrane. Ludicrous, can't act, suspect he shaves his legs in private, and love him anyway. He is awesomely weird.

    Bottom line on De-void: it was one of the best of the 4 to 6 eps I've seen because of Stiles alone. If he'd been in it even more it would've been better. Supposedly he's been possessed all this time, part of this time, off and on, no one knows, but he did such a stellar job when his character was conscious than I think the ep would've been much better had he been conscious and evil more often. Peter wasn't up to his usual standards, but any Peter is better than none (we know that, chicks, don't we?) Aaaaaand everyone else was bland and boring except Scott who only ups my hatred of him and inability to take him remotely seriously with every ep I see.moreless
  • Teen Wolf at its finest

    I really liked this episode, it's probably going to be my new favorite TW episode, it was really disturbing and gross, when stiles (or the Nogitsune) started to pull the bandages from his mouth I almost threw up, it didn't help the fact that i thought it was a tapeworm which made it a whole lot more excruciating to watch, made me look away in more than one opportunity.

    Again I think they should cool it with the Malia storyline untill next season and (I've said this before) I am not so sure they can wrap it up before the next season, unless they are just teasing on a major plotline for S4.

    Also, WTF with Agent McCall? trying to ruin someones career just for a longer time in Beacon Hills? NOT COOL MAN! However it made me very curious to know what it is that Mama McCall is hiding that the Stiles' know but Scott and Agent Douchebag don't (and shouldn't).

    It is really cool to see that they are giving the twins a little more depth to their relationship, it's nice when they acknowledge how the other characters are feeling, like Isaac still hurting over the loss of Erica and Boyd. I really don't think those behaviors were solely the workings of the Nogitsune and its Evil Flies, all of that stuff must have already been inside them (to some extent at least), or like with Derek it has probably crossed his mind that working with the brother of the crazy psycho-bitch (who burned his family/house/pretty much took everything from him) is a little weird or something...

    But still, WAY TO GO TEEN WOLF!!! It was one of the best episodes to date.moreless
  • How is it?

    It was a good episode just one error I think. How did stiles came out from his own body. I dont know the laws of supernatural but im pretty shure that is impossible
  • Dissapointment at 8 letters

    I can't with this show. When they are good they are marvelous but these last four episode are just fluff. All shock for shock's sake and no content. It is so unfair to the wonderful actors.

    The acting was really great in this episode. Dylan is bringing his A+ game, the adults are marvelous as usual. and Tyler H. and Daniel were awesome as well.

    I liked Allison and Kira teaming up and kicking butt.

    I felt for Derek so much. And I'm sad that all his attempts at figuring it out are thwarted. I have a feeling the board will be important. Or maybe it's just a futile hope.

    I liked a lot of the imagery. Visually it was a really great episode.

    Content wise though it's just all a huge mess that I feel less and less secure they will manage to sort out.

    I hope the Twins leave and I'm angry they are making Agent McCall into a victim. They are teasing another great reveal and frankly, I don't give a damn. I find it suspicious that the nogitsune seemed to woke up at Malia's name being spoken. I'm suspicious about her. A lot. She can leave with the Twins.

    I know I'm supposed to admire and cheer for Scott but he is such an undeserved character. He is a wide eyed blundering mess and we are supposed to believe he is some great leader? Why? Because he wants to save everyone? That's admirable. But true leaders are able to make hard decisions. Take responsibility. And he never does either.

    All the howling and some of the dialogue was pretty cringe worthy. Overall the episode allowed some to stretch their acting muscles but ultimately proved to be exactly what one expects from a TV show about teen werewolves on MTV. And Teen Wolf is supposed to be so much better.

    Please, please make it better with the last two episodes. Please. I'm hanging by the skin of my teeth here.

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