Teen Wolf

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Clips of the cliffhanger are shown where Allison finds out that Derek is a werewolf. Kate tells her all about the Alpha, and the beta. She doesn't tell her about Scott. Allison gets pulled over by the sheriff. He gives her a ticket but that's it. We shift to Scott awakening in the Vet's room after being shot. He is fully healed. The Alpha comes by to pick him up. The Vet doesn't let him, and apparently the Vet is a warlock of sorts as he has put up a barrier to prevent the Alpha from coming through. Later, he and Stiles try to talk strategy as Alpha has threatened to go after Allison. Kate talks to Derek, her prisoner.

She basically wants to know where the Alpha is. Derek is not going to tell her and will be continuously tortured. Scott's coach has forbidden for Scott to take Allison out. Scott asks Jackson to do it. He refuses initially ,but when Scott shows his werewolf side, Jackson agrees. Scott tells Stiles he is going to the dance anyways. Allison and Lydia go shopping for dresses. Lydia agrees to go with Stiles to dance. The Alpha shows up trying to get close to Allison, but Scott is nearby to prevent anything from happening. We shift back to Kate and Derek with Kate doing all the talking. She eventually puts the pieces together that Scott and Alpha must be together. Scott and his mom have a nice chat.

Scott shows up at the dance acting like Danny's date. Coach shows up but then leaves after he watches them together. Allison and Scott go off to talk together. Jackson goes out for air and thinks he sees the Alpha near the high school. It actually turns out to be Argent and his hunter friends.

We don't exactly see what takes place during the conversation as the scene moves to another scene, however, we assume Jackson has told them everything. We see Lydia approaching another area. The Alpha captures but Stiles shows up to offer himself. The Alpha simply wants to know where Derek is. Eventually, Stiles him. In the last scene, we see Scott and Allison about to get even closer. However, as they approach two school buses, we see cars approaching. One of them is driven by Mr. Argent. He tries to run Scott over with another hunter. Scott dodges both cars but only because he has transformed into the wolf. Allison looks on in shock as she has seen Scott's secret.

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