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    So i have a few questions about season 1.

    1. How did D's uncle spend 6 years as a vegetable and then one day start alphering and killing people?

    2. When you become an Alpha, do you automatically turn evil?

    3. In one of the final scenes, before Derrick was just about to kill his uncle, Scott went on about not wanting D to kill the uncle, why?

    Did anyone else find season 1 incredibly choppy and kinda not make a lot of sense?

    thanks guys!

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    1 : Peter tricked (sending her a newspaper clipping about animal killings with spirals etched in them) and then killed Laura Hale, his niece and Alpha.

    2. Not all Alphas are evil.

    3. Because Scott had been told that if he killed the Alpha who bit him, he's be cured of the curse of the werewolf. Derek had told Scott that he would help Scott get cured, then he broke his word and killed Peter instead...after Peter had pretty much been incapacitated.

    No, I found the first season to be very straight forward and relatively easy to follow.

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