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Newer episodes feel rushed?

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    [1]Aug 8, 2013
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    Is it just me or has something dramatically changed in the second half of this current season? (Writers/directors etc) i have found it barely watchable ATM even with all the good material they have they are just burning it.

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    [2]Aug 21, 2013
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    episode 12 was really good season finale. I must say, i kind of wish Styles and Tyler would come out on top when i comes to the girls. I seems even the lovesick argent girl has moved on to another wolf. But this just shows good writing; it keeps us watching..

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    [3]Aug 21, 2013
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    not to me none of tw eps feel rushed.when you have only 12 eps you cant take wait for the plot to move along you gotta get to the point b/c u only have so little time to tell the story of each season.and lets remember its on mtv i dont see tw last a very long time on mtv. so the writers are doing much as they can before they get axe which i really do believe is pretty soon.

    so for me tw never felt rushed it just how they operate eps.they have to get to the point quicker since they are only half a season show and the writers dont know how long they gone be around to just hold all the material.remember teen wolf is on mtv.teen wolf could really do well on the cw.i cnat believe i said that but its true when you really think about it ,its fits more with the cw than mtv.

    i wish tw would do a full season b/c the only thing that annoys me is tw gets to the point so fast that they have to put alot of information in one ep and then when the next ep air they add more information and im still trying to remember all the info from the lat eps that drives me crazy.tw really needs longer season for filler eps.it can help the writers feel more safe on mtv and not waste all the good material so soon.

    so i wish they would have longer season so we can have filler eps b/c i cant handle all the infor in one ep i be on overload.and its good b/c the writers can save alot of material for future season if mtv showed the writers they trust them and plan to keep the show for awhile.(mtv give teen wolf 22 eps a season please)

    but tw jus operates fast b/c like i said they are only a half season show so they dont have time to beat around the bush.and the writers dont know how long the show gonna be on mtv.

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    [4]Aug 28, 2013
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    yeah I don't feel them rushed but I love the track they are on its not running everything out but its also not dragging on lik some shows
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