Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Missed the mark

    This episode started out so bad I had to stop the DVD and go on line to check what the heck happened. Confusing is an understatement. It was like picking up a book and starting in the middle of the next chapter. Then they have the nerve to throw the fans a few crumbs by letting us know Derek is alive in the very last frame.
  • Clever Title


    I Love You Sterek!
  • That was a line worthy of Horation Caine right there, Scott

    the end of this episode? I cannot put into words how much I hate it. why would anyone think that was a good idea? why are they dropping this fucking anvils on our heads over and over and over again? how am I to believe Derek would go to her of all people? am I to asume he tried everyone and no one was picking their phone so he went to the damsel in distress who turnmed to Stiles when nervous? just please explaine why?

    I'm not sure what I hated more that pathetic atempt at the-greatest-romance-of-all-times or Scott's red eyes. I guess it's a tie. I just hate the idea of Scott becoming an Alpjha anytime soon.

    I also hate how Scott is presented as this peaceful gentle soul that doesn't want to kill and tries to always reason his way out of bad situations. he hardly ever listens to anything anyone has to say he just jumps on his high horse and preaches. and then turns around and spits on teh trust people put in him. I'm getting some Blaine feels here and that is so not good it isn't even funny anymore.

    boy, I don't want to stop watching this show but I'm not sure how much more of Scott I will be able to stomach.

    on a positive note, I liked the concept of the episode witht he flashbacks.

    as usually, I adored Stiles. and Allison is a BAMF. and her and Lydia are great. as are Stiles and Lydia being smart togehter. was good to see Boyd being part of the Pack. and Coach. he is always a delight.

    Peter and Cora bonding was great. we need more Hales family moments.

    I was a bit disspointed by the episode though. it felt out of place, especially after last weeks heartbreak. it felt as though that scene between Derek and Isaac was there just to stir feelings in teh fandom.

    I said it already and I will say it again, I expect better from this show.
  • Choppy Fun-spoliers maybe

    A lot of distant information. This episode was displayed in bits and pieces, going back and forth, lot of Boy/Girl stuff. But it wasn't bad at all. It was not as smooth as I'd have liked, and for the life of me I can't understand why Derek would go to Ms Blake. Allison and Scott I understand, Lydia and Stiles, sure , but Ms Blake? And why is Morrell working with the alphas? Good to see more of Uncle Peter. I do miss the flavor and the way the last two seasons were more clearly delineated. But I'm willing to wait and see if this new flash here and there method works. Good to see more of Boyd. And a glimpse of Danny. Will the twins convert to the good side of things? I mean Danny and Lydia... big incentives.
  • This was a new method for Teen Wolf and I loved it.

    This was a new method for Teen Wolf and I loved it.

    I understand how a lot of people would be confused by the randomness of the episode, but to me, it was interesting.

    I think they pulled it off well.

    I would love to see more scenes where coach Finstock and Stiles banter - they were hilarious.

    I think the bathroom scene with Allison struggling to string the needle was brilliant. Her acting was great.

    I'm guessing that Scott's eyes turning red after he clashed with the alpha, shows us that there are a lot to look forward to for the rest of the season. I'm a bit confused though. Scott becoming an alpha out of the blue, isn't that defying something? I mean doesn't he have to kill the alpha in order to take it's place?

    Was it me alone that noticed how when Scott shouted out at Isaac, his entire atmosphere felt so commanding?