Teen Wolf

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Not one of the better episodes but still pretty good

    I'm surprised that this MTV series has grown on me. I've always been fascinated with the supernatural, especially were-creatures, and Teen Wolf has surprisingly continued to impress me through two seasons. I never thought I would've continued watching, but now find I cant miss an episode. The story lines have been terrific and the actors have good comic timing, especially the guy that plays Stiles. I also love the way everyone is accepted for how they are. Here's a series where everyone from gay to straight is accepted without any hate or ***phobia. But tonights episode felt a little off.

    Through 21 episodes I have enjoyed the way the story lines play out, but episode 10 of season 2 was a little too over the place for me. It was like they were trying to pack too many things in one episode, and some scenes didn't get enough attention. Like the character Matt for instance. Through this season he has been played as a little off from everyone else, but to suddenly just go so crazy and start using the Kanima to kill everyone just seemed out of character for him. I take it that he nearly drowned, and I understand why he used the Kanima to go after the people that caused it, but that doesn't explain why he would suddenly start killing innocent people who had nothing to do with what happened. Still other than that, I thought the episode was one of the most exciting of this season, and I like the cliffhanger at the end, which will lead to the final two episodes. Next weeks episode, Battleground, sounds pretty good. I'm looking forward to it.
  • A Solid "10" for Suspense - But a Dismal "4" for Story! Overall, a "6"

    This episode was much better than the last episode. But let's remember, the previous episode was full of idiocy. While I remained glued to the screen during the whole kidnapping at the police station sequence I couldn't help but to wonder how no other law enforcement officials showed up at the scene. Again, more lazy writing --- are we in a small town or a big city? And while I thought the actor portraying Matt did a fine job of ALMOST making that sob story about nearly drowning a powerful enough motivation for revenge -- - are you freakin' kidding me? We are supposed to believe that he is angry enough to kill because he ALMOST drowned? LOL! The writers could have at least tied it to something more substantive. Okay. Maybe he just crazy. And how much do you love Peter Hale just hanging out while all this action unfolds? And why does Teen Wolf have to have a "Yoda" who is never around when most needed? The good doc simply comes off as a manipulative narration device. I did enjoy Allison's fierceness as it was totally believable since she had just lost her mother. I'll have more comments regarding this episode in the days to come but my burning question right now is as follows: What's the point of the whole story? In Season 1, we knew who was out for revenge. In Season 2, it seems that everybody has some sort of hidden agenda, and the audience no longer knows for whom to cheer. Heck, even Granpa Nasty is starting to grow on me. Go Grandpa! Love the way he quickly took care of Crazy Matt. I suppose Granpa Nasty is a heck of a lot stronger than he lets on! LOL!
  • Holy Cow!

    This wasn't redemption that was mind-blowing! Did I rate the episode last week with an eight? Can't talk right now! My foot is my mouth!

    Hell, what a fantastic ride! I'd give it a twenty if I could. Seriously, last week was only the build up for this fine one staged play. Even if we all suspected by now Matt being the puppeteer of the Kanima we now got the whole story for which we have been waiting so impatiently.

    The only drop of bitterness was Allison and Scott being so damned gullible to Grandpa Argent who gets really creepier by the minute. But that only enhanced the pace of this episode which set off to lightning speed. There was so much going on that I'll have to watch it again. I have the feeling I missed half of the hints. I won't go into details. I'm just recommending not to watch it when it's dark around you and someone could be sneaking up on you asking if you'd like to eat something. It would be a sure cause for a heart attack. Actually, my heart was beating so fast as if I was there running along with the captives. Great stuff this one! If the next two episodes go down like that I might need some oxygen along with my weekly dose of Teen Wolf.

  • Wow, not quite WTF, but wow..

    I really think that Derek and Scott are going to be better after this (I theorize that Scott is so heart broken over his mother's reactions and feeling guilty about everything else that while Derek is upset and mad, he pulls back a little and reminds himself for all the stuff he did wrong becoming an Alpha too soon, Scott is a 16 year old kid at heart who just wants to protect everyone) based on the don't run away speech we heard Derek giving. I also think what Deaton said to him will resonate with him. I am also a little confused over Melissa's reactions (I get her reaction to Scott and that is just sad) but she didn't seem shocked or horrified by just the presence of Derek and Jackson. Makes me wonder...which makes me wonder one other thing...Jeff Davis has been saying we get introduced to the third season Big Bad in the finale, what I am thinking is that Scott starts thinking if his mother is scared of him, he must return to living with his father. And if Melissa wasn't shocked, um, well...maybe Mr. McCall is the bad guy and why she divorced him.

    Anyway, I kind of felt bad for Matt and that made me confused. Then I felt bad for Jackson. I also kind of feel bad for Alison because I just know that note wasn't from Victoria or at least had been tampered with. I am fine though because I think it will not be long until she learns at the very least that Gerard is the new master which might change her perspective which might make her listen to what actually happened.

    I wonder, even though Deaton looked at the hole Peter was in and implied it was part of Gerard's plan, I really don't know if it was. I am also not sure who I am supposed to be more worried about anymore. I mean, from the outset, you thought it was Gerard, then this Kanima, then you and all the characters were distracted by that, turns out that Gerard was the worry all along, but then Lydia is this red herring with the Kanima issue, seemed more dangerous that every thing else in the last two weeks, so that leads to Peter who we know is dangerous, but is weak right now...And wasn't that Peter that Gerard saw outside the police station? I thought it was initially and then thought it was just whatever backup Gerard had waiting on the bridge, because he was very close to Gerard's car...
  • Fury was Awesome!

    Fury was a perfect, awesome, action packed, character driven episode of Teen Wolf. I really enjoyed watching because there was a spectacular confluence of events leading many of the characters into new situations. It was interesting and intriguing to see Gerard manipulate the situation and Allison. I was shocked how far Matt took things but it was sad to see what had happened to him. Scott's boss the Veternarian talked with Derek and Scott revealed his other face to his mother. The way every thing played out was very entertaining! I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Stiles says "BI...ITCH" (SPOILERS)

    This episode was just fantastic, it was action, action, action all the way through. Hardly anything was shown about the Peter Hale cliff hanger from last week except a couple of glimpses of the man and a short talk between Derek and all-knowing VetMan. As usual the highlight for me was Stiles "I'm the abdominal snowman.... it's a seasonal thing" HILARIOUS and then we get "bi...itch" as he falls paralysed onto Derek's shoulder. Scott's mother gave quite a heartbreaking performance first experiencing every mothers worst nightmare of their son being shot and then discovering he's actually a mythical beast (fun times). A lot.... no a HELL of a lot happened in this episode with doors closing and opening on story lines every which way. It was great to watch.
  • Gerard Argent is the meanest monster of them all

    such an amazing episode, I don't know where to start. I guess with the happy. which was the lovely teasing that was derek and Stiles being all paralyzed and cuddled together. I like that they have actual converations and I wish there is more of it in the future. I like the Wise Vet. altough it was sort of heartbreaking for derek to aknowledge Scott as the one deserving trust ony to be proven wrong in the end. I'm sure ther eis more to his pact with Gerard and the little interlude with the pill box was too on the nose to mean nothing but it was still such a stupid move of Scott and I hope some one whacks him over the head for it. though his mom's reaction broke my heart. it was understandable but hard to watch anyway. speaking of Gerard, he is the one true monster of all the things he is hunting. and the skillfull way in which he appealed to Allison's rationality while manipulating her into an emotional decission? dude is scary crazy. wonder what Peter is up to since he seemed rather put out after seeing Gerard and the Kanima bonding. and Matt, he is a crazy ass murderer but his story gives a sad sad backround and meaning to his decissions. and Gerard killing him the way he did was pure cruelty. Allison, she is fierce but right now about as stupid as Scott. which is understandable but doesn't make the consequences of her actions any less in the end. Just when I think this show has done it they just manage to go that one step further. it all fits togehter like puzzle, for evey answer we get two questions but they paint an actual picture while telling us more about teh characters and developing them further.