Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2014 on MTV - Music Television
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With a crazy killer on loose in Beacon Hills the kids with glowing eyes are in danger. His true target turns out to be a surpise for the gang In more than one way.

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  • Parings I'd like to see

    Scott / Kira, Scott / Isaac, or Scott / Lydia. Stiles / Lydia, Stiles / Derek or Lydia / Aidan. Ethan / Danny, Ethan / Isaac or Danny / Isaac.
  • Not Impressed!!

    The best thing about this episode was KIra's pyrotechnic display, which clearly is'nt saying much! The plot, if any, just does'nt seem to be moving very much and it seems like alot of filler episodes. There was'nt even much comedy from Kira's dad. Very disappointing!
  • This was a really interesting and amusing and intriguing episode

    Let's start with what I hated so I can get to the good stuff.

    Stiles and Lydia.

    Stiles on his own is awesome. Lydia on her own is brilliant. But the show's insistence on lumping them together and creating pointless wannabe-romantic tension is making me so very angry. Why are they sacrificing this potentially wonderful friendship? If they don't stop and soon they will not only destroy what is between Lydia and Stiles, they will destroy her character as well. They were so good in the moments where they worked together instead of Stiles being the knight in shining Jeep to Lydia's damsel in distress. She is better than that. They both are.

    Now that Sheriff is in the know, it is all so much better.

    I'm glad nobody trusts the twins. I like the Carver boys but if the twins leave and never come back I won't shed a tear, not a single one.

    This episode had a very nice blend of funny, creepy and informative.

    I love Papa Yukimura more and more with every episode. He is awesome and amusing. Though I totally get why Kira would be less than thrilled with him. Kira who is a sweetheart and makes Scott bearable and apparently controls electicity. Or maybe feeds on it.

    That ending with Isaasc was creepy. I wonder what it was about.

    And Derek. I need more Derek. His look when he has seen his mother. If they find a way to bring Talia back I may forgive them for the Stiles/Lydia kiss. Peter has plans, again. Which is no news. The interesting part is - what have Talia told Derek. Based on teh look he shot Peter, it was nothing good.

    And Coach. Can't forget the Coach. He always brings so much even to the shortest scenes.

    The big bad of the week was really creepy though I'm not sure what his agenda was and what he knew about Kira. But it was a great performance neverthless.

    Definitely my favorite episode so far.moreless
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