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Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2014 on MTV - Music Television
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The gang searches for Lydia, Kira faces an unexpected enemy, and a wounded warrior falls for the last time.

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  • OH common really??

    I loved Alison she was great why?really?
  • WTF indeed

    I honestly don't know what to think. Mostly I'm just pissed. And very disappointed. Allison was not my favorite character but I loved her friendship with Lydia and I appreciated her a lot. And now I understand even more why Crystal would be pissed that Jeff telegraphed a death of a main character months ago. It took some of the impact away from that scene.

    The other thing taking impact out of truly sad moment was the very weak writing. . Teen Wolf is good at setting things up but they just suck at delivering and even more when it comes to resolutions. And as promising as this season started it just started to run in too many directions and this felt more like a cheap trick to garner reactions than anything else. And frankly, both the character and the actress deserved better.

    Speaking of which. I'm not sure if it was just the dialog but the scene made me cringe. And not in any good way. It may be partially my bias against Posey and Scott but in an episode full of wonderful performances the difference was rather glaring. It just wasn't very good. What sold it for the most part was the very beginning of the scene and all of the reactions. And Crystal.

    It wasn't a bad episode. But it wasn't a particularly good one either.

    My favorite moments were Coach Finnstock meeting and subsequently standing up to his bully. The Stilinski hug. Chris and Derek in the elevator - Derek looked so very young when Chris told him that he doesn't see him as an enemy. And a lot of Isaac's moments. He really is the voice of reason of that ragtag group. Pity no one listens to him.

    It seems like Lydia had a plan. And they screwed with her plan a bit. Holland was wonderful. They play off of each other with Dylan so well when it's not in any way romantic.

    And Papa Yukimura is a delight.

    Watching Teen Wolf used to be enjoyable, something I looked forward to. Now it's a chore. And a disappointment too. I keep waiting for them to pull the ace out of their sleeves but it seems more and more that they were just bluffing.

  • What a week..

    After seeing my favourite on The Originals, and in all tv-series for that matter, Rebecca (Claire Holt) leave, seeing childdeaths on TWD and now my favourite on Teen Wolf, Allison, die, I can honestly say I've had better weeks....

    And there is still season finales to come for many series, including Teen wolf... Better take a tight grip of the remote and hold on tight... There are more hard feelings to come, I'm sure...moreless
  • Fallen Angel

    It's always one of the last things we would ever think would happen to a hero/superhero, no matter how many battles ones fights though and enimies defeated you would almost think nothing could stop them. But combat is never a one sided affair and with each new enemy and battle holds the terrible possibility that this may be the day when a hero/superhero finally falls.

    There really isn't a lot I can say about this episode, it was at first pretty much a straightforward suspense thriller where everyone was on the fox hunt. There are a lot of memorable moments, from seeing Coach Stilenki tazer that blowhole orderly that rightfully deserved it, I loved what the coach says which is my favorate quote in the episode "this school has a no bullying policy!" I thought way to go coach. It was also nice that he helped Scott and the others, it really shows that the Coach isn't a bully he does care and is capable of doing the right thing.

    I even like the moment when both Styles and his father hug. However Styles isn't out of the woods yet and there still looms the possibility of him dying. As we discover somehow the fox demon is draining his life force the more it gains power, and if the fox demon is destroyed Styles might die too. This just made me feel bad for the character once more, he's really had it bad and it looks like it's about to get worse.

    But I liked the two moments with both Alison. From that little moment both Issac and Alison had, I liked what he said which justified that both of them really did make love, it really was him. This was both a relief and sweet at the same time. I love the fact that Issac is back in the game again, I honest don't feel he's really in this season enough which to me is one of the weakness of the season and teed me off a bit since he's my favorate character. The only bad thing about this episode for me was both Alison and Issac didn't have one more scene together, it's just the chemistry between both of them was one of the best things in the show for me, but oh well.

    But I really liked that moment with both Alison and her father which I thought was touching, we see him finally teach her to weld Wolfsbane, it was sort of a coming of age moment a way of showing Alison has become a full fledged warrior.

    Then of course it gets down to the final battle which I thought was soild as we see that evil fox is once again moves ahead of everyone. As we see unfortunately the fox mom (forgot her name) unfortunately got ahead of herself (even in the Go game she played) when she foolishly leads her Oni army to the location, which was exactly what the fox demon was counting on as we see in order to take control of the Oni they have to be in close proximity, which is exactly what happens.

    The battle was soild we got to see Alison, Issac and even Kira give it their all. But unfortunately the tables just arent' turning their direction as we see in a scene Isaac is losing, just getting cut to ribbons by the Oni demons. For a moment I'll admit I was worried about his life, thinking it could be him out of the picture.

    But of course Alison saves him by shooting the Silver Wolfbane arrow she forged into one of the Oni. At that moment we discover their weakness which is silver as the Oni disentigrates. Just seeing that it seemed like the tables were finally about to turn, unfortunately fate didn't turn it. I'll admit I honestly didn't see it coming, it was sort of out of left field when we see Alison getting stabbed, once I saw that I thought OMG it took a long minute to regester in my mind because I couldn't believe it happened but it did.

    Those final moments with her saying some of those last words to Scott really made my heart break and actually cry, Alison was my second favorate character so you get how I feel. You can see everyone was just devastated, Lydia, Scott, but worst of all Issac and her father. Even though Issac didn't say anything I could tell from his face, just like the state of his body he was completely broken he lost his true love and the fact he couldn't protect her is even worse that's a terrible feeling for anyone to have; likewise for Alison's father whom not just lost his wife but his daughter as well.

    In the field of battle even Angels fall.

  • RIP Allison Argent.

    Leave me alone to mourn the death of the fictional character I have become overly attached to. Everything is unforeseeable. Everything is crazy. It will took me some time to recover on Allison's death. Why the hell she needs to be written off in the story? I would understand if it's her decision to leave but if they just killed her off that would be so insane!
Matthew Del Negro

Matthew Del Negro

Kyle McCall

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Arden Cho

Arden Cho

Kira Yukimura

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Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby

Sheriff Stilinski

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Tom Choi

Tom Choi

Mr. Yukimura

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