Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 12

Lunar Ellipse

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Scott, Allison and Stiles learn the location of the Nematad, however, it took them longer than expected and the lunar eclipse coming close. Derek is no longer an alpha(as it was the price for saving his sister's life) and realizes that he has a better chance of running than fighting against Kali. When Kali comes looking for Derek, she ends up fighting with the Jennifer and the twins. Both the twins and Kali were killed by Jennifer. She then made Lydia scream which causes Derek to come back into town. Jennifer then convinces Derek to stand with her when she faces off with Deucalion. Meanwhile Allison and Issac go searching for the missing parents while Deucalion and Scott calls out Jennifer. The battle with Scott and Deucalion against Jennifer and Derek ends with Jennifer on the verge of dying, Deucalion regaining his sight, and Scott becoming an Alpha. While that battle was going on, Allison and Issac found the parents and was trapped under the Nematad, but was later rescued by Scott. At the end of the episode, Jennifer was seen crawling back to the Nematad, asking it to save her, but was stopped and killed by Peter(Derek's uncle) and in doing so, revealed his true intentions.