Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 12

Lunar Ellipse

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Awesome mid season finale

    I would first like to say that was an amazing and intense show. The part where Scott crossed the mountain ash barrier also gave me goose bumps, although I think some explaining will be needed as to how he did it, since werewolves aren't supposed to be able to cross it. Only part I could find something to complain about would be the whole stiles wreck thing, I mean I understand they had to wrap his time up because he was needed for a movie he was doing, but like I said that's just me being picky. Now as far as whoever wrote that terrible review they just sounded like they was hating just to hate. I know I can't wait for jan 6th to get here for 3b.
  • Go Derek! (but please come back)

    I hate the fact that Scott is an alpha. I hope by the end of the season he looses his red eyes again again. If he then regains them later on, I would be ok with that but right now it is too soon, too unbelievable and it actually makes me dislike him which I hoped to avoid. The fact he was able to breach the mountain ash angers me to now end. And his line about being an Alpha? That was all kinds of terrible. It sort of feels like the writers try the best with his character and only manage to butcher him the more effort they put into building him into the Best Hero to Ever hero.

    Are they for real? Derek better be back in episode 13 or I will cut a bitch. I agree that he more than anyone needs a vacation and a fresh start but without him I seriously don't have much interest in the show. He is my favorite character and he and Stiles sort of tie everything in the show together for me. Without them it would all sort of fall apart for me. Also, he was really awesome in this episode and Tyler did such a wonderful job.

    Plus, this episode opened so many doors. I would love to see him forge a friendship with Lydia. I want Lydia to be friends with Cora. I want Allison, Lydia and Cora to be three musketeers that take no nonsense and look fabulous doing it.

    I'm glad the Slow Motion Twins are staying, they grew on me. Though the show should stop killing off female characgters. It's not funny anymore.

    I liked the opening sequence. It reminded me a bit of Harry at King's Cross with Dumbledore but I appriciated the visuals.

    I also liked how everyone contributed to the success of their endeavor. Especially that Derek was not just used again as a pawn, that he had a plan on his own. And that it was finally established that he is not a monster nor a killer. He just keeps being tossed into situations he is nowhere near ready for without a chance to take a breath. And now he finally had a chance to and we were able to see the caring and brave man I always known him to be underneath the gruff and pain and sarcasm.

    So the big bad will be Peter again? I think I like the idea. He was a good villain and it's good of the show to aknowledge that he is a manipulative megalomaniac despite being sassy and classy doing it.

    The Alpha Alpha story line was a bit underdeveloped but I wouldn't mind to see him again so I'm not totally miffed by the fact he lived.

    As for Scott's dad, I feel he knows more than he lets on. Not sure I like him much. But he can sure bring drama into the story on several accounts.

    It was better than season 2 finale but there were moments that took me out of the story big time. Like Scott getting through the mountain ash barrier. Or the sweeping music during Derek and final showdown. I didn't get Stiles accident either. It felt as a bit of a cop out to reduce Dylan's time on screen. Though I did appriciate the wet t-shirt.

    I'm definitely curious about 3B as the set up for it is rather lovely. Hopefuly there will be less slow motion. And more Derek. And I still want Stiles to be derek's emissary.
  • I can only say that it's ok

    It was like a completely different person wrote this episode. These last few episodes seemed rushed, but this was taking it to a whole new level. Then it just FELT different. Overall, it was ok but probably one of the "bad" okay episodes of TW.
  • What a great finale

    Even though it was leaked early.. And ruined the finale pretty much, what an episode! When Scott walked through the ash barrier and his eyes turned red.. I got Effin goosebumps lol and of course Peter is up to something again.. Just an overall great episode. Love you teen wolf lol
  • MTV can't afford good writers!

    Overall an very poor mid-season finale from MTV it has to be said. The episode lacked coherence from a storyline perspective as suddenly the alpha pack decided they wanted derek they could've done about 10 episodes ago!

    Also it was cringe-worthy the way Stiles is near death one second and then suddenly makes a magical appearance, completely out the blue, with an all important ALUMINIUM baseball bat (not can't be stressed enough just HOW important it was that the bat was made of . worst writers on the planet and CRINGE).

    Another cringe moment is the very last scene where the Darach feels the need to tell the viewers exactly what's next for the 2nd half of season 3 (which is stupid because it doesn't air until January 2014 i've heard, and therefore should just really be called Season 4), when she gets stopped by the main upcoming villain and he roars into the dark forest, on his own, for no reason at all, I AM THE just makes no sense at all from the storyline we've been given to date.

    So there's clearly going to be a lot more patching of a very hole-filled plot. Overall MTV treats the viewers like they're idiots and makes no effort to come up with an engaging storyline. However hats off to all the actors in the show because they did the best they could with a very dodgy script. Dubious as to whether I'll continue to watch this show.