Teen Wolf

Season 1 Episode 4

Magic Bullet

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Intriguing.

    This was another great instalment as Derek's life is on the line and Scott must find a bullet in the house of the Argents in order to save him. Meanwhile we got some hilarious scenes as Stiles takes care of Derek until Scott can find the bullet, including a hilariously mortifying prospect of a limb removal procedure...

    It was all definitely really hilariously done, including the scenes at the Argent house. Definitely really fun to watch and a great series of events.

    Looking forward to more!
  • Getting Interesting That I Even Wrote A Possibility For Midseason 2 (first, I must watch the one-and-a-half season of Teen Wolf).

    For those who have seen this episode (those who don't, SPOILER ALERT), we've seen Derek biting the "magic bullet" and its gunpowder is burnt with fire. Then, Derek's arm miraculously healed with the burnt gunpowder. So, silver bullets aren't real to kill a werewolf. Anyway, it's intriguing to see Allison's aunt, Kate, to be a tough huntress although she does show her inner self of a teenager. She teased about Allison's relationship with Scott during that awkward dinner time. Well, as I am writing this review, I noticed the Hale family being burned to death six years ago and this gives me a possibilty I'm writing about. Ah...I can't tell any about MY OWN prediction as I want it to be a possible & making-sense story.
  • Magic Bullet


    Magic Bullet was a great episode of Teen Wolf and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of great scenes that open many more questions, there was suspense, there was drama, and there were some revelations. I thought it was great that Allison is finally beginning to question what is going on around her, I like her aunt, and I Allison's father was fun to watch in action tonight as he made Scott squirm a little. The story lines are really starting to come together, and though it may at times be a bit predictable, I am still entertained by what is happening. I like the characters and I want to know what the bigger picture is. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Teen Wolf!!!!!

  • Coming into its own. Spoilers be warned.

    First and foremost this episode introduces a new female character: spunky, edgy, tough as nails. I'd wager she had to take over the matriarchle position at a young age, hunter or not. What I liked best about this episode was the lore they were hinting at within the Hunter's society. What is it? Is it like sleeper cells, or are we talking something similar to Supernatural? At least they gave us a teaser. One thing we did learn was that le girl is not yet a werewolf hunter, but that she will eventually be indoctrinated. She said she was great with archery, but we never got to see an acting double make a shot for her, weak man weak.

    Before I watched this show because honestly there wasn't anything else on and I was bored out of my mind, but this episode may have turned me into a semi-legit fan. Derek's infliction was a great character development, but I felt like they kept on falling back on the "I'm going to tear out your throat." He isn't that two dimensional, give him something to work with. The arm cut off was a perfect touch, but the CGI was a bit off. Nothing too big. Now the part most people got a kick out of was of course the dinner scene. Understandably always awkward to sit at the table with your girlfriend's parents, but then to have it also be the guy trying to kill you. TV-drama gold mine. The rabid dog speech was a bit over done, and it would have been better suited in a more subtle application, but sometimes you got to hit people over the heads with fish.

    We end with a mismanaged emotional scene. Something about Derek's family getting burned. It seemed important, but it was so poorly done it didn't have much of an affect on me. Still overall an upwards and onwards episode that pulled me into next week.