Teen Wolf

Season 2 Episode 12

Master Plan

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2012 on MTV - Music Television
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    Oohs, bruises, and oozes! "Master Plan" was an excellent episode to close out an excellent season.

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    The time is ticking as Scott tries to find out Gerard's master plan following a death on campus.

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    • These plots rely too much on poor communication

      Great actors, good premise, but nearly ruined by poor plotting. Here we are, at the end of two seasons, and still nobody talks. Poor communication, misunderstandings, and non-communication (silence, secrets) has driven all these plots, at least 50% of the time. Lazy writing. Stiles didn't answer Scott's call, even after 18 rings. Last episode it was the opposite, with Scott ignoring Stiles. Meanwhile, Scott doesn't tell Allison that her mom tried to kill him, so Derek rescued him, biting her. Grampa gives Allison a supposed letter from her dead mom -- all lies no doubt -- and warns her to burn it and tell no one what it says. Hence, Allison and her father never speak of it, and soon reach an impasse. Allison suddenly breaches character completely, going after young innocent wolves. I hate it when characters break away from their nature as portrayed in many previous scenes. Then, suddenly Allison and Scott are holding hands and kissing, even though he saw her stab Isaac. Then she says we need to break up. Really absurd.

      Also, Scott comes up with a brilliant plan to kill Gramps once he takes the bite, but the self-centered jerk tells no one. When Derek demands, "Scott, why didn't you tell me your plan?" Scott says, "You're not my Really? So mature, Scotty boy.

      And then there is Stiles, telling nobody about the young wolves penned up in Grampa's basement? And to date, he's never told his poor father anything about werewolves and other beasties. Nothing. Not even after the jailhouse massacre. I like Stiles, but the tongue thing, all hanging out? Contrived, affected, not sexy.

      And don't get me started on Lydia, speaking to nobody about all the craps she's experienced.moreless
    • a llittle confused

      i'm a little bit confused with the ending. the whole lydia giving the key to jackson thing. because didnt she give it back to him in episode 5? i dont remember him giving it back to her. if the key was all it took, why was he still the kanima? maybe im just thinking about this a little too much. Overall, it is a fantastic series. i love every bit of it. and i am very much looking forward to season 3 part 2 =)moreless
    • Awesome Finale, BUT...

      i reaaally enjoyed the season 2 finale, it had a lot of intense moments, the fight scene with the theme music actually gave me chills, although the choreography wasnt that great, didn't look very clean, they could have made much more of this, it kinda being the highlight/climax of the episode.

      Is anyone else wondering why Derek can't/doesn't fully shift like Peter did in all of season 1?! I thought Alphas could fully transform but somehow he still shifts to his Betaform...

      Alltogether it seemed like Derek was kind of a failure as an Alpha, he already beat Scott in Season 1 in his Betaform, not by much if I recall correctly, but now that he's an Alpha he doesnt seem that much stronger. Somehow I expected more of him.

      Also I may be alone on this but the scene where Peter and Derek come at Jackson together to deliver the final blow could have been sooo much better, even for a TV show.

      And finally the Breakup maybe i missed something but i didnt see anything that justified Allisons decision, all I hear is that it's because of the death of her mom but I find that hard to buy.moreless
    • The End

      The End, was great!! but because of the end i wanna see season 3 now!!
    • Teen wolf

      I believed it could had Been a better episode
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      • Gerard: to the Kanima (Jackson) Kill them!!! Kill them all!!!

      • Stiles Stilinksi: (to Gerard) Scott can find me, all right? He knows my sent.... it's pungent, you know. It's more like a stench. He could find me even if I was buried at the bottom of a sewer covered in fecal matter..... and urine.

      • Ms Morell: You are not planning on getting your hands dirty, are you?
        Dr. Deaton: (examining a trail of blackened blood) I do what I have to.
        Ms Morell: Good! I never liked you being retired anyway.
        Dr. Deaton: Whoever said I was retired?

      • Scott McCall: What the hell is this?
        Derek Hale: You know I thought the same thing when I saw you talking to Gerard at the sheriff's station.
        Scott McCall: Okay, hold on! He threatened to kill my mom! And I had to get close to him. What was I supposed to do?
        Peter Hale: I'm gonna go with Scott on this one. Have you seen his mom? She's gorgeous!
        Derek Hale: Shut up! (in unison with Scott)
        Isaac Lahey: Who is he?
        Scott McCall: It's Peter, Derek's uncle. A little while back he tried to kill us all, then we set him on fire and Derek slashed his throat.
        Peter Hale: Hi! (waves a hand at Isaac)
        Isaac Lahey: (whispering to Scott) It's good to know.

      • Gerard Argent: They were trying to warn you. It's electrified. (coming down the stairs of the Argent's basement where Boyd and Erica are chained to the ceiling)
        Stiles Stilinski: What are you doing with them?
        Gerard Argent: At the moment just keeping them comfortable. There's no point in torturing them, they won't give Derek up. The instinct to protect their Alpha is too strong.
        Stiles Stilinski: Okay... So what are you doing with me? Because Scott can find me. He knows my scent! It's pungent, it's more like a stench. He could find me even if I was buried at the bottom of a sewer covered in fecal matter and urine.
        Gerard Argent: You have a nag for creating a vivid picture, Mr. Stilinski. Let me paint one of my own. Scott McCall finds his best friend bloodied and beaten to a pulp. How does that sound now?
        Stiles Stilinski: I think I might prefer more of a still life or a landscape, you know? (Gerard derisively staring Stiles down with his cheek twitching nervously) What are you? Ninety? I can probably kick your ass up and down this room... (Gerard slaps Stiles violently and starts to punch him really hard) Okay... wait... wait... wait...

      • Coach Bobby Finstock: We need you on the team, okay? You know I can't put you on the field next season if you don't get your grades up.
        Scott McCall: Yeah, I know, coach.
        Coach Bobby Finstock: I mean... I know I yell a lot. But it's not like I hate you guys. I kind of hate Greenberg but you know, it's different, it's Greenberg! I'm just saying we... we need you on the team. Get your grades back up!
        Scott McCall: I will!
        Coach Bobby Finstock: I know. (coach leaves the locker room)
        Scott McCall: Is that everyone?
        Isaac Lahey: I think so. (Scott rips off the door of Stiles' locker) You gonna find him by scent?
        Scott McCall: We both are.
        Isaac Lahey: How come you get his shirt and I get his shoe?

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