Teen Wolf

Season 2 Episode 12

Master Plan

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • These plots rely too much on poor communication

    Great actors, good premise, but nearly ruined by poor plotting. Here we are, at the end of two seasons, and still nobody talks. Poor communication, misunderstandings, and non-communication (silence, secrets) has driven all these plots, at least 50% of the time. Lazy writing. Stiles didn't answer Scott's call, even after 18 rings. Last episode it was the opposite, with Scott ignoring Stiles. Meanwhile, Scott doesn't tell Allison that her mom tried to kill him, so Derek rescued him, biting her. Grampa gives Allison a supposed letter from her dead mom -- all lies no doubt -- and warns her to burn it and tell no one what it says. Hence, Allison and her father never speak of it, and soon reach an impasse. Allison suddenly breaches character completely, going after young innocent wolves. I hate it when characters break away from their nature as portrayed in many previous scenes. Then, suddenly Allison and Scott are holding hands and kissing, even though he saw her stab Isaac. Then she says we need to break up. Really absurd.

    Also, Scott comes up with a brilliant plan to kill Gramps once he takes the bite, but the self-centered jerk tells no one. When Derek demands, "Scott, why didn't you tell me your plan?" Scott says, "You're not my Really? So mature, Scotty boy.

    And then there is Stiles, telling nobody about the young wolves penned up in Grampa's basement? And to date, he's never told his poor father anything about werewolves and other beasties. Nothing. Not even after the jailhouse massacre. I like Stiles, but the tongue thing, all hanging out? Contrived, affected, not sexy.

    And don't get me started on Lydia, speaking to nobody about all the craps she's experienced.
  • a llittle confused

    i'm a little bit confused with the ending. the whole lydia giving the key to jackson thing. because didnt she give it back to him in episode 5? i dont remember him giving it back to her. if the key was all it took, why was he still the kanima? maybe im just thinking about this a little too much. Overall, it is a fantastic series. i love every bit of it. and i am very much looking forward to season 3 part 2 =)
  • Awesome Finale, BUT...

    i reaaally enjoyed the season 2 finale, it had a lot of intense moments, the fight scene with the theme music actually gave me chills, although the choreography wasnt that great, didn't look very clean, they could have made much more of this, it kinda being the highlight/climax of the episode.

    Is anyone else wondering why Derek can't/doesn't fully shift like Peter did in all of season 1?! I thought Alphas could fully transform but somehow he still shifts to his Betaform...

    Alltogether it seemed like Derek was kind of a failure as an Alpha, he already beat Scott in Season 1 in his Betaform, not by much if I recall correctly, but now that he's an Alpha he doesnt seem that much stronger. Somehow I expected more of him.

    Also I may be alone on this but the scene where Peter and Derek come at Jackson together to deliver the final blow could have been sooo much better, even for a TV show.

    And finally the Breakup maybe i missed something but i didnt see anything that justified Allisons decision, all I hear is that it's because of the death of her mom but I find that hard to buy.
  • The End

    The End, was great!! but because of the end i wanna see season 3 now!!
  • Teen wolf

    I believed it could had Been a better episode
  • Confused about the mixed reviews

    I for one thought this was a beautiful episode. That's right. beautiful. I know it's a weird choice of words but, like they say, it is what it is. Everything that could or should have happened in this episode did. I don't see why people were so wrecked about the breakup. I don't get it; I mean, it was inevitable and who cares!? The so-called romance between Scott and Allison has been the LEAST interesting aspect of this show for me. Since day one I have never once cared about those two being together! Let them break up, or get back together, or both! Several times! And many times over. I'm more interested in Jackson and Lydia. Or Stiles and Lydia. Or the Vet. Or every other awesome aspect about this show that many people apparently missed..

    Anyway, what a great finale to an already spectacular season! How did THIS show suddenly become the best thing on TV? Bravo, Teen Wolf!
  • Not an impressive season finale for such an impressive season

    I thought Master Plan was all over the place. It was interesting and had a lot of excitement, but I think Gerard's Master Plan was just an add on to finish the season out.

    So much seemed left out of this episode because so many questions were left unanswered. Why did Gerard let Stiles go? Why would Stiles go against type and just mope in his bedroom knowing that Scott was looking for him? Why did he not tell anybody about the baby wolves chained up in the basement. Stiles is usually the biggest strength of Teen Wolf, and he sort of let me down this episode. Of course he finally came around towards the end, but why so late into the episode?

    Now about Gerard. The way he hates wolves an anything supernatural (remember he wanted Mama Argent to kill herself when she was bitten) why would he suddenly change his mind? I guess I can understand why because he was (Spoiler) sick, but it totally goes against his character type. Of course he sure proved how evil he really was, so I'll give him that, but the plan seemed forced and didn't flow too well with his story.

    Now onto the Lydia Jackson angle. Some people seem to believe this love they feel for one another was unconvincing. I guess I can see that point, from Jackson's side anyway. He has been so ruthless, but the truth is, and it's been seen in a number of episodes, he's really not an evil person. He just has a lot of baggage, which is why he became the Kanima instead of a Wolf. So I guess I can accept that angle.

    Overall, with the exception of way too many commercials, the finale was exciting and very well paced. I'm glad to see that they're going somewhere with the Vet and his side kick, the guidance counsellor. Keep it up.

    On a side note for next season, make Derrick stronger because for an alpha he seemed too weak. More Peter please because he's adds a dose of humor like Stiles. Continue pushing Scott towards being more heroic but please don't make him a love sick puppy dog. Allison did a lot of bad things and shouldn't be forgiven so easily.
  • Master Plan

    Master Plan was a perfect season two finale of Teen Wolf and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character and plot development. The action was engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat in suspense wondering how the story would unfold. It was interesting to learn Gerard's plans for Jackson. Stiles had some great moments in this episode. Allison is still in a grey area and her father loses faith in his father. I loved how every thing played out. It appears the Vet and Therapist have some ulterior motives and I look forward to seeing what they may be. The ending was awesome and it was cool to see that there is another pack and they are coming. I look forward to another season, along with many more, of this astonishing series!!!!!!!!!
  • anticlimax...

    trailer said someone dies.. wrong...no one has ok jackson came back as a wolf- predictable.

    gerard ? not long to go

    the vet and his daughter the school shrink (saw that coming as soon as i met her)

    styles being beaten other than gerard showing him he had derricks 'bitches'

    allison has some issues to deal with her mother's death and gerards plot would mess anyone up... but you'd think a boy friend would help her... strange just the lame done to death will they won't they on /off again shit plot line..

    jackson was always the kanima just the bite from derrick 'awakened' it in him. now that the kanima has no master and lydia's key (lame) a key ffs his wolf was allowed to take hold plus the added attack of both derrick and peter probably kicked in the healing, blue eyes ?? fuck knows what that means aplha is red, beta /omega is yellow, is blue a gamma /delta/epsilon ?

  • Not quite the Winged Kanima we all wanted

    Like all Teen Wolf episodes I really enjoyed watching this episode, but I have to say comparatively with the rest of this season it just didn't meet my expectations. All the wonderful set ups from last episode basically fizzled out in the first 10 minutes. I still don't understand the motivation behind Gerard taking Stiles and then letting him go, that made no sense. I did enjoy seeing Stiles get some of the action but it was not explained well and Stiles is too awesome to be beaten up by a dying geriatric. I also worry now about just how many characters have come into the show, I think if Teen Wold turns into another True Blood with its multiple story lines a lot of the appeal will be lost. Jacksons storyline also didn't make much sense and I was left feeling extremely unsatisfied he didn't transform into the winged Kanima. I liked how it ended on Stiles and Scott just being teenage best friends again, it remains the best thing about this show and I hope it won't become lost in the next season.
  • It was a bit anticlimatic

    I'm surprised myself how underwhelmed the finale felt given how much I enjoyed it. I miss some explanation of what the heck was happening though I do love the way they set up season 3. Gerard's demise was a bit disapointing though just in a way because noone actually harmed him. if he wasn't so selfhish even wtih the mountain ash nothing would have happened to him. I really like the parents in this show. and in this episode they were all awesome, especially Melissa. and Chris Argent is a pretty awesome character. and I like Peter being par tof the pack, sort of. I like the idea of him being this ambigous player when we never know on who's side he actually is. plus, he is funny and his interaction's with Derek are really great. I like Lydia and Jackson and what the finale hinted about them. so Jackson is a werewolf now, right? the one part I really hated was Scott refusing to work with Derek. I get that he doesn't recognize him as his Alfa, and Derek has a lot to learn, but they should be allies instead of Scott becoming the Golden Boy of the show, the one to forever and always saving the day, riding his high horse of superiority. as much as last episode made me love him, I truly disliked him here for the most part. so, when is the next episode?
  • whats with the break up ?

    why break up with Scott ?

    whats with the its okay i can wait act ?!! soooo lame !!

    Jackson blue eyes !!!

    Is he an alpha alpha hmmm ?

    expected more for the season final !!!!
  • nice show

    nice show

  • A Golden Girls Repeat Would Have Been More Satisfying!

    For this, I cut my gym workout short and rushed home to monitor my DVR recording?! Nothing happened!! This entire episode was simply a series of almost randomly spliced together scenes! Absolutely nothing that happened in the entire episode made any sense whatsoever.

    Grandpa Nasty kidnapped and beat the hell out of Stiles. Why? It was also not cool the way Stiles made no effort to try and rescue the kidnapped werewolves. He just hung out in his bedroom (something he would never do) while seemingly eating his heart out over Lydia.

    Derek and Peter said Kanima Jackson was going to sprout wings. He did not. Why? I'm thinking that as they were making this crap up while filming, someone realized at the last minute that they did not have the budget to give the Kanima Jackson a pair of wings.

    Lydia and Jackson were shown to have been apparently madly in love. Why? Lydia even said in an earlier episode that she had never experienced the type of love that we are now all of a sudden supposed to believe existed between she and Jackson.

    So Grandpa Nasty was simply seeking a bite from an Alpha? Someone please explain. Did I miss something? Maybe I am just too pissed off over such a poor ending from what had promised to be such an awesome Season 2.

    Oh well, nothing good ever lasts forever. Goodbye Teen Wolf. I'm sure you've lost a good portion of your audience with such a LAME Season 2 conclusion!