Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 14

More Bad Than Good

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2014 on MTV - Music Television
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An unlikely foe offers to help Derek and Peter.

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  • Do not underestimate the writers, SFBarbear!

    I know, this review-platform does not include replying, but I couldn't help myself:

    Political correctness? Seriously? I am quite sure that the writers of this great show are not required to jump on that bandwagon, as you implied ... Didn't it occur to you, that Kira and her dad serve to drive on the story's mythical arc? I do not want to spoil anything, so I am not going into the details. But it seems - at least to me - totally clear that Kira's role is supposed to be so much more than filling any "ethnical gap".

    Teen Wolf, you are pushing the envelope as always and it is a pleasure to watch!moreless
  • Wake up already

    I hope this whole season is a dream and when they wake up find Kira never existed. There is nothing worse than writers and producers pandering to the PC police and then bringing in annoying unnecessary characters to fill a perceived cultural gap.
  • More good than bad

    This show is making it really hard for me to like Scott McCall. But I'm liking Isaac more and more. It was funny when they addressed the scarves but his response was so spot on. And it nicely reflected part of the reasoning for my belief that Scott is nowhere near ready to be an Alpha. I could do with less Special Snowflake McCall. But he can talk to Kira all day long. They just work so well together. She is adorable and her father is just ... he is like a teenager's nightmare but I adore him. Right now I'm torn between wanting her to be a human and being someone supernatural. I will probably like it either way.

    I also like Isaac and Allison. It is subtle but his crush is cute and they work well together and it is nice to see the buildup of something potentially lovely.

    What is less nice is Stiles and Lydia being showed down our throats. It was barely two episodes and I'm so over it. Why are they trying so hard to destroy this beautifully budding friendship with unnecessary romance, why?

    More Stiles and Sheriff. Always. It really helps that the Sheriff is now in the now.

    So was this it for Malia? Because if yes, then lame.

    Derek on the other hand, anything but. He spoke Spanish. Please let him speak it more. And it was good to see the Girl again. I hope she sticks around. Peter and Derek are such sassy motherlovers. Peter really loves the sound of his voice whereas Derek can dress you down with just a twitch of his eyebrows.

    I very much admire Dylan's acting. He has the ability to just suck you into the story, to grip your attention and heart and not let go. Hoechlin, I feel is a bit underrated . His ability to play Derek's tough exterior hiding a scared and scarred boy who had to grow up too fast and who is just trying to do his best and doing so with very little space or words is astounding.

    I'm really intrigued with both the Nemethon people and the Triskelion artifact.

    While I like that our little ragtag group is working together I wish they included Derek - and Peter and the Girl, pronto. Pretty please. I need more Stiles and Derek banter. I need more Derek and Isaac bonding. I would like to see Alisson and Derek develop some sort of truce. And I want Lydia and Derek to be buddies.

    This show still scares me with how very much it affects me but right now I'm ready for the ride.

Matthew Del Negro

Matthew Del Negro

Kyle McCall

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Melissa Ponzio

Melissa McCall

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Linden Ashby

Sheriff Stilinsky

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Ian Bohen

Ian Bohen

Peter Hale

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