Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 6

Motel California

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Gay scene was surprisingly well done.

    Stiles was very mediocre in that fire scene, but holy hell, Scott out-acted everyone! How did this dumbo get so good! The explanation was unnecessary and sorta made a good episode lame.

    PS: That was the first time I have seen a gay scene take it that far on a tv show that's not on HBO. I'm a straight guy, but man we need more of those. It was damn hot and I've no shame in admitting that.
  • 9.5
    The scene with Stiles and Scott was absolutely amazing and extremely emotional. Probably one of the best scenes this show has ever seen when it comes to emotional
  • Jada o'brien

    I love the makeout scenes between lydia+Aidan and Ethan +Danny especially Ethan and Danny
  • The fast Forward button is my friend

    I'm giving the Motel storyline 25 out of 10. It was suspensful, tied into the overall arc nicely and we got some stellar acting from all involved while also learning a little bit more about Boyd and the Argents.

    The Derek & Miss Blake show gets minus 1000 points though. I decided that it must be a joke. I simply cannot believe that someone capable of writing beauty such as this episode could mean anything that happen between Derek and Ms. Blake seriously.

    I really liked the scene between Ethan and Danny. It was hot but there was something rather sweet about it as well. I have the feeling that Ethan would like to bite Danny in more than one way but I also think Danny woould not be interesed in wolfhood. At least I hope not. I like him human. But he needs to be clued in pronot.

    I'm realizing I'm enjoying the more of an ensemble episodes the most. Definitely more than the once focused on Scott.

    And Stiles and Scott's friendship finally made an appearance again. It was a beautiful moment and Dylan acted the hell out of it. I also liked their talk about the suspects for Darach.

    Lydia really seem to have some connection to death. It is an intersting development and I'm liking her character more and more with each episode.

    I have to say, Alpha Alpha killing Wolf Diesel makes much more sense now that we know he is blaming it on Derek. Clever boy indeed.

    I can't say I was happy to see Gerard again but it sure brings intrigue into the whole mix.

    I was very much afraid to watch this episode but I have to say that thanks to the FF button it was more than a pleasant experience.
  • Triggers, triggers, triggers, spoilers again.

    Well. Lots and lots of info about the characters in this episode. Boyd recalls losing his sister, losing sight of her at an ice rink, then she was gone. Dead?Isaac relives his abuse at the hands of his demented father. Ethan battles the demon inside. Scott wonders if there is any hope left, or if all his reason to fight on is gone. Allison, Lydia and Stiles save them all, one, two, three, four. There are plenty of triggers here so beware, but what a clever way to get the background stuff across. Creepy and dark. Emo all over the place in big drippy, piles. OMG. Danny and Ethan, just beautiful, but so very little, a tongue teaser, but Danny is gonna do it, he's gonna bring Ethan into the light. Of course Derek didn't die. But icky Derek/Jen, Ms Blake talking about he looks half dead, cut to shreds, then jumping him while he's covered in blood and gaping wounds? Something is not right with that woman. Proven when Derek's wounds are healed by sex? Really? Scott and Stiles are rocking the bromance, jeez, and the tears, too. Isaac is still beautiful, heck all the guys are more beautiful even than the girls in this show. Lydia is dishing up the creepy stuff, can anyone beat that girl's brilliant face of terror? Great Stuff. And a peek at the Darach, subsumed in the flames. Show's getting better and better. I rec going back and re-watching the eps in a mini-marathon. Even better the second time around.