Teen Wolf

Season 1 Episode 3

Pack Mentality

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Really intriguing.

    This was a great episode with a lot of interesting developments. There were some interesting revelations with Hale - that scene at the gas station was weird, but the scenes with Scott were very compelling, and also revealed a fair bit.

    That double date had to be the most awkward thing we've ever seen... the Jackson guy is looking into Scott which could be interesting depending on where it goes.

    All up, a very interesting episode. Looking forward to more!

    ETA: Also, loved the Ellie Goulding music in this episode, totally amazing!
  • Pack Mentality

    This episode just gives more proof of Scott's rashness and stupidity. He seems to jump to any conclusion that fits his interests and runs with them. Instead he should make use of the resources he has. Stiles is good and research and finding out the truth of situations and Derek is an actual werewolf so of course he has helpful information. So instead of seeking them out he either ignores them or attacks them. Sigh. Initial thoughts on the girls, Allison is working with her father and Allison is smarter than she lets on.
  • Revelations

    This is a pretty big episode as far as revelations go. A lot of the assumptions Scott has been making are proved wrong and it sets up a big change in dynamics between the main characters. We also get more insight into the characters of Lydia and Jackson and their relationship. It's a pretty interesting development for the character of Lydia, that she's highly intelligent, but hides it behind her mean girl persona. I like that they made her a smart girl. One of my biggest problems with Scott is that he's fairly dim-witted. I won't say that he's stupid, but he's definitely not the smartest guy in the room. Simpleminded characters tend to get boring pretty quickly, and I've been bored with Scott since his introduction in episode one.

    I can't tell if Allison is intelligent or not. Her character hadn't had much development beyond being a love interest for our "hero" in the first two episodes. We do find out that she doesn't have the best taste in clothes, that she's a good bowler and can do a somersault out of her second-story bedroom window to defy her father... So she's a rebel? Her dad's a bit more interesting, showing up at gas stations and threatening people while washing their windshields...
  • Some nightmares and fighting scenes kept my adrenaline kicking me up all NIGHT!

    Okay, I'm still not impressed with the female characters on this show. Come on! Where are the paranormal girls besides Laura Hale? Although Laura is dead, I still wanna see her in flashbacks in season 2. Hopefully there'll be more complications and STRONG girls in season 2. The writers of this show better not dissapoint my expectationos of seeing paranormal girls.
  • Unpleasantly compelling. Spoilers, be warned.

    This show....where do I begin. A lot of folks I've talked with have issue with the fact that they aren't following the movie. But I wonder if these people saw the movie? It was campy and awesome, but not applicable to a modern audience, let alone a TV modern audience whatsoever. Instead, we are left with a formulaic cookie-cutter show, that is just borderline enough not like Twilight that I can put up with it. The girl he has a crush on having a father who is hunting him (and I bet she's being trained as a hunter too)? Because that hasn't been done before. Nevertheless I find this show enjoyable for what it is: simple, easily digestible entertainment. Also the prissy-ness of the younger werewolf being foiled by the older one was good.

    I digress. This episode Emo-pup was upset because he had all these great powers and was exploiting them to get what he wanted...wait no that's not right. He thought he had murdered someone. Then there was a twenty minute bowling scene. The two werewolf eventually duke it out, because lets me honest if I was the older one I'd have laid a smack down a long time ago. Emo-pup constantly comes around demanding stuff, silly Scott. The fight was pretty well done and satisfying. It's only then that we learn emo-pup was seered by someone-- or thing-- else, and he has a greater purpose. I would like to see the hunters evolve in less of a characterture way, but I doubt that will be happening except through Scott's love interest. As for the glowing eyes at the end, they probably won't do an Underworld style (always wolf) Alpha, because then how would emo-pup make witty comebacks? Thus we'll be seeing the human form shortly. Maybe it's his dad, a throwback to the movie?
  • Pack Mentality


    Pack Mentality was an good episode of Teen Wolf and I enjoyed watching this episode because there was action, drama and intrigue. There was a horrible attack linked to Scott's dream leading him to believe he was involved. The truth of what happened is so much more and the revelations in this episode were pretty neat and exciting. I hope that the series continues to develop in a good way. I feel on the fence because though this episode was good, there were moments that made me ask why I'm watching this. We are getting more into the facts of werewolves and I look forward to watching the next episode of Teen Wolf to find out more and what will happen!!!!

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