Teen Wolf

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • letty

  • Sad Episode

    This episode was very sad, i begin crying on the part that Scott almost died!! I was so happy, when Derek saved Scott and that he bit Alisson's mam i thought it was her own fault!! but it was sad for Allison, Because it is the second family member that died!!
  • Not as Good as it Should Have Been

    I enjoyed watching this episode, but the storytelling was a bit lazy for an episode of Teen Wolf. Why would Mrs. Argent go about trying to kill Scott in such a clumsy, heavy-handed way - and while wearing pumps? Really? She could have easily invited him to dinner and done away with him in the comfort of her own home. And why was Kanima Jackson having to go after his latest victim at the rave party? Did this woman not have a home? Would have been more interesting if Jackson had charmed the young woman into leaving with him and then morphed into Kanima Jackson. I also hope the writers have a really solid explanation to why the chemistry teacher was shown attending the rave. Otherwise, it just seems like they are trying to make us believe he is the Master. And where was Lydia? Away for the weekend? She should have been shown at least for a few minutes if Peter Hale is somehow using her to control Kanima Jackson. I did enjoy the surprise of seeing the counselor chatting with the still very mysterious veterinarian, and thought this was a very well done plot development. But why did Season 1 spend so much time emphasizing the struggle that Scott endured becoming a wolf, while it seems that Derek's new pack members are just having an awesome time playing a game of cops and robbers? The episode overall was very suspenseful, but sloppy. And why can't the gay guy have a more developed role? And why is Kanima Jackson no longer trying to kill him? Again, this was an episode filled with missed opportunities and timid storytelling. Just keeping it real my friends.
  • i loveee it

    I love Erica she is really cool
  • I want suprise

    Ok so far i think Lydia is controlling Kanima, since she were immune to Kanima poison and she have in her previous alpha , second suspect grandpa, that ticket guy to is weird so he may be my third suspect or maybe some one else, although if it will be other person i will be very surprised since i like when i cant predict what happens ,
  • Raving

    Raving was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Teen Wolf. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was great to see the secret rave party. I liked how Stiles worked with his dad, Allison was interegated by her father, and Scott, Derek and the other wolves turn to the veterenarian for help. It seems there are more to the various characters than meets the eye. They try to catch Jackson, who kills again, though who is controling him remains a bit of a mystery. Scott and Allison's secret is witnessed by her mom and she goes after Scott and it doesn't go so well. I liked how the story played out. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Good episode

    I absuletly hate Allison's mum, and her grandad. But I loved the bit where Derek came to save Scott, and then he stayed while the vet (can't remeber his name) treated Scott and he looked worried.
  • DirecTv

    I don't know what to think because I could not watch the damn show. Because this is one of the many chanels that wants to raise there price. So ya I'm upset. would have been nice to watch this show but I may not watch anything on this chanel from now on.
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