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  • i miss teen wolf

    Can't wait of season 5
  • teen wolf the best tv shows in the twanty oneth centery

    teen wolf ... I can't live without teen wolf .. it is my water . my food myyy life .......

    I love you tayler posey .... :*
  • I Miss Styles

    when is it due to come back on

    I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333 :)

    i cant belive tyler posey might dye in the next episode im jjust like OMG OMG OMG OMG OGM
  • Why are you doing this?

    I liked the first & second season. But everything after that has been complete bull crap. I dont mean to say that this show is all bad. But what frustrates me is the fact that this show has some great potential to be one of the best. But yet you fail to deliver. I'm starting to believe that todays writers are all terrible and have close to no imagination or creativity. And that good writers are extremley rare.

    There have been alot of moments where you could have pushed this show to the very top. Yet another show I'm forcing myself to watch (in hopes of it turning in to a better one).

    The characters can become intressting if you play your cards right. So my advice is that you either pull a white rabbit out of your hat, or that you simply just go through with season four as your last one. Because I'm really getting tired of watching good shows turn into crap.
  • Entertaining

    Really great show!
  • Little dark, little cheesy from 1st impression

    Some content of random ep (13-14) MTV
  • are you kidding me

    cruelgrim? Even if you're new here, isn't it obvious that season 4 means that it isn't a new show?
  • Is this new show or what ?

    sorry but is this new show or what i am kinda new here.


    i have a new

  • Witty banter

    im so glad there are more witty and funny moments with scott and stiles, cuz i noticed in the beginning of season 1 there was a lot of it, but as the seasons went on it decreased, so glad that stiles humor is back (never left) and he's cute moments with scott
  • Best show ever

    Hot boys action spooky
  • well look who growing up...

    I half to say, I wasn't always happy with this show. But It seems like it's getting better each season and I think that it has finally, FINALLY, reached awesome level- and there's no way but up now. I'm so enthusiastic and exited and happy this show is just it's i- YAY

    season 1 was pretty um... well it wasnt awesome level. so many faults (derek literally died twice and came back with no but after that, it only got better. and now, its nearing best. OH YA.
  • STILES <3

    Not only does Stiles get cuteeer every episode, Well the first season was fine but it kept me going and i am glad i continued watching it cuz season 3 was fantastic and the TV show gets better every season, cant wait for more of season 4 and more of stiles...
  • Horrifically, fantastically surprised!

    Wow, a big clap of my hands to Stiles! (yet to discover his real name??!!)! His acting from the comic relief to the opposite end of the spectrum of evil, could have been a disaster, but my god that guy is talented! I was surprised to see how well he dove into that psycho role and I am glad he It shows real depth and talent to be able to pull that off. Way to go Stiles!

    . Malia is my FAV love her! can't wait for her story to unravel!

    "MALIA IS AMAZING" .. She's officially replaced Kira as my favorite female character.

    So much better than what i expected
  • This show is one of the best on

    Season 1 was great(8.5/10) Watching Scott and Allison's relationship grow was what kept me interested at first. But then the storyline got me and I was hooked. The way they introduced the werewolf and mythology very slow, a little bit at a time. And the reveal it was Peter as the Alpha in Beacon hills. Then season 2 was good(8/10) Scott learns to like his ability, starts to master it. And bam they're hit with 2 issues, The kanima and Peter coming back using lydia. It wasn't a major problem but it was a issue forsure. Then the reveal it was Matt and then jackson becoming and werewolf. And then huge fight at the end, where Scott makes his first showing of a leader when he tricked Gerard. Then season 3 was Amazing(9/10) The whole 24 episode thing was sweet, and the was they gradually up the challenge with two major problems. The derach and the alpha pack, you can also include Scott becoming an alpha cause that was huge in 3A. and in 3B, it was a great switch up of mythology, introduced us to new were creatures.. kitsunes, Nogitsune and a werecoyote lol I just hated that Scott was a terrible alpha. Hopefully season 4 is packed with some good stuff
  • Finally a great show which could be a hit

    This show is great. I have watched season 1 to 3 3 or 4 times and still love it. the characters and funny and easy to like. can't wait to see what season 4 is like
  • Finally Something Innovative!!

    I literally watched this show twice and liked every bit of it... this show is not the "Twilight" crap but has a creative storyline that has twists where one could not anticipate it. Furthermore, each creature makes sense and is something different, which is not found in any other TV series and that's what i like about this series is that they did not limit it to werewolves.
  • Just another "Twilight" wannabe knockoff

    It seems like people just go crazy for the human transforming into wolves biz and are even more ampt for the romance that is in between it. True, while I did find a few climactic and anticipated moments, I could not look past the cliches that you can expect in this type of romance. It feels like its been there and done all of it when you see the show.
  • Awesome

    One of the best supernatural TV shows and the actors are cute
  • To all of you that will miss Isaacs face!

    I just read that Daniel Sharman is going join The Originals! FANTASTIC!!! :D I literally screamed "YEEES" when I saw it! :P hahaha!
  • Teen Wolf

    I cant believe Allison is dead and her aunt is still alive and came back a werewolf , didn't see that one coming. That was a great finale for season 3
  • I <3 TEEN WOLF

    I just love teen wolf. At first I thought it was only ok until season 3 started and everything got interesting and I couldn't get enough of it. My favorite character is Stiles and my favorite relationship (soon to be a relationship (I hope)) is Stalia. They are tots perf just like the rest of the show
  • I LOVE 'TEEN WOLF' !!!

    Didn't think Teen Wolf would evolve into the INCREDIBLE show it has become!

    I love it and it just keeps getting better.

    My favourite character is Stiles, he's fantastic.

    The entire cast are awesome and story lines are perfect!
  • Very Good Story Line

    Ends with a cliff hanger every episode, Great plot very talented actors and phenomenal directing. This show has to be one of the best for an upcoming show.
  • omg best TV show ever

    this is the best TV show ever there are no words to describe this show. i am addicted and obsessed with these kinds of shows. but to be honest the first season or let us say the episodes that included Jackson was a big huge mistake. i was very glad when they excluded him from the show. he belongs to the arrow show.
  • Awesome

    Teen Wolf is beyond impeccable. The show has a great plot, characters to watch out for, mythical elements that will surprise you and the chemistry between the casts! It is fun, stylish, hilarious, scary, and every ingredient of a best supernatural show that you'd wish for.

    Scott grows into a likable character every episode. Stiles deserves an award who keeps on stealing the show. He's such a great talent! Allison is truly gorgeous and develops her character into a much grown woman. Lydia have to be with Stiles! She must be given a lot of exposure with her banshee character! :)

    It's a show that never disappoint and a show that keeps on impressing the viewer for its elements of surprises on each episodes!

    Keep on rocking our TV Teen Wolf!
  • Mixed feelings

    I'm late in discovering this show, but now that I'm hooked, I've been trying to get my friends to watch with very little success. The problem is that while I highly recommend it, I have two main caveats and they're hard to overcome. Mainly, that I find the two leads, Scott and Allison (I don't actually consider her a lead, but she's billed that way in the credits) to be barely tolerable. I don't know if it's the writing of them, or how they are portrayed, but they completely irk me. I find them flat and dull and generally skip over scenes that focus on them too much. Allison has gotten a bit better, especially when she's kept apart from Scott. I like the Scott and Stiles dynamic, but on his own, Scott is so annoying. In contrast to Allison, Scott's new story line of becoming a "true Alpha" seems like a huge misstep. I actually liked goofy, awkward Scott from the first season better.

    I was watching the show in a kind of bubble, avoiding media and reviews, but I became curious as to why they decided to take the character in this direction. I read something from the creator about how it can be harder to play the hero than to play the brooding, damaged character or the amusing sidekick. It seemed a bit like a slap in the face to the other actors who I feel have really brought something more to their characters. It felt it was overcompensating for the fact that the show leads can't really carry the show.

    The promos for the show promise a major character death at the end of this third season. When I think about which characters I'd miss the most, it's not Scott or Allison that come to mind. The character I'm most invested in is Stiles, and I have been from the very beginning. I love his relationship with his father. I think that his developing relationship with Lydia has been very honest and interesting. I love the way the Lydia has turned out. Derek has grown, but I still think he's underused. The only characters I dislike more than Scott are the twins.

    They've given Allison some depth by having her be so easily manipulated by first her aunt Kate and then by her grandfather. But even with her walk on the dark side, she's still not as interesting as Lydia, who was manipulated by Peter.

    Making Scott a true Alpha, "one who can rise by the merits of his of character and by the force of his will" is a bit much. It also rings false to me, because I don't find his character to be that worthy. He was a whiny, self-centered brat in the first season. They tried to make him grow up a bit in the second season, making him feel responsible for the newly turned werewolves, but even that didn't feel in character with the kid who cared more about going on a date than putting lives at risk in season one. Having Issac have a bit of hero worship for Scott in season three feels like a desperate ploy to telegraph to the audience what the producers what us to feel for Scott, instead of allowing it come come naturally through character development. Deaton is another example of that, constantly showing his disapproval for Derek (I get that Derek was a horrible Alpha, but at least that was interesting and something for the character to overcome). The third season is a huge reset for his character, they even reference it several times in the program.

    I wonder if the whole Stiles storyline in the second half of this season is a way to sideline the character that we love and force the audience to align more with Scott. While I find the storyline interesting, I find myself missing Stiles and it's just reinforced my belief that he is the central character and the one that the show can't afford to lose.

    But then again, maybe it's just me. In describing the show to a friend, she wondered how I could like a show without liking it's main character. I was reminded that my favorite character in Harry Potter was Snape.

  • teen wolf

    I love teen wolf
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