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  • The show to pick to watch when there is nothing else to watch

    The plot makes no sense at all. Things keep happening and the explanations they give are contradicting things that already have happened in the show. Unlike nearly every other supernatural show, this one has no set of rules and they keep improvising as they go.

    Spoiler Alert

    Every seasons finale of Teen Wolf is like watching Bugs Bunny. Scott wins only because the director says he wins, there is no logical (supernatural or mundane) reason.
  • going without the 'flow' of the wolves teen.

    I have been a fan of Teen Wolf since the very first episode. It struck just the right balance between horror, humor and characters that you really wanted to survive into the next season [or not]. From dark brooding Derek to beautiful intense Allison. At 13 episodes it was balanced just right to deliver enough each week to keep me on the hook. Then they extended the season - and it still worked as they split it into what I see has been called a and b.

    The Season 5 arrived. I kept checking my snail mail for the drugs to arrive that I'm sure would've helped me enjoy this season - but they didn't. Instead we had 5a which was like one long drug trip, without the drugs - then the long break and the arrival of 5b. I started watching and was so confused I stopped, accumulated all the episodes [except for the finale obviously] then watched up to ep 19. A bit of the confusion cleared up a bit, here's hoping the finale will be decent - but I'm not holding my breath.

    Anyway, before I climb off my soap box, let me finish off by saying that season 5 has felt like I was drowning in slow motion [you must admit that ALL of those slow motion scenes get a bit much after 20 half the time the show feels like it's trying to pull off season 5, and build the foundation for season 6. TW S5 feels like a beast dragging 2 heavy loads - one being the current season, the other, setting the scene for season 6. Previous seasons have started afresh, which is something I've really enjoyed - instead of sitting there and thinking to myself, is this relevant to the beast, or season 6, hey oops, I just missed something, maybe I it, hey look navel lint.

    I really enjoy TW - I will continue to watch until I either make sense of what's happening, or I lose the plot so badly that even google maps can't find me.
  • Great Show To Watch!

    This is one of the shows that keeps you on your toes ! With all of the action, mixed with comedy,thriller,drama and love makes it great ! The cliffhangers that they leave at the end of seasons will keep you up at night, and the way they clear everything up when the new season starts with a whole twist is just great!

    Job well done to the whole Cast and Crew.
  • Teen Wolf

    "Teen Wolf" may just be on its fifth season but MTV has already renewed the show for season 6. Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall, in the series, however, may just be replaced in the coming episodes.

  • I love this series, the third season is the best around!

    One of the few shows which can keep me excited, happy, laughing, scared and crying at once. Most of all I love the cast, they aren't just good looking, but great actors as well. I got this site for watching HD episodes for free >>> otavo(dot)tv/teen_wolf(dot)html

  • Asthmatic facts technically wrong. Very irritating.

    No one with intrinsic asthma that bad would be walking around without an inhaler. It just wouldn't happen. In addition there is no rescue inhaler that comes in white. The only inhaler that comes in white is a steroid inhaler. It's nice to have a lead character portrayed as having asthma instead of the nervous geek.
  • Best show

    awesome cast and amazing episodes.
  • Best Season

    I am so enjoying watching this season. The characters kept developing and the element of surprise is much better. My favourite characters are Stiles and Lydia.
  • Cast was predicted!

    In Pretty Little Liars, season 2 episode 14 6:20-7:00 Aria mentions to her brother that she always saw him as a cute little werewolf. Her brother is the new big bad werewolf of this season!
  • When is S05E08???

    It shows here S05E9. How is that possible??? What happnd to S05E8???
  • Something's changed

    I used to love this show. I watched it every week and couldn't wait until the next episode. I was so excited for the new season. But somethings changed, this new season is very different. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it's the writing. The storyline seems to be all over the place. I end up zoning out when watching episodes. I couldn't even sit through the last episode.

    Hopefully it picks up.
  • Show must have more than 12 episodes....

    The best shoe I have ever watched....
  • Haven't they tortured us long enough??

    I've been losing my mind waiting for teen wolf to come back! June 29th needs to hurry up and get here b/c I know that I personally am tired of having to do without my weekly dose of TEEN WOLF!!
  • i miss teen wolf

    Can't wait of season 5
  • teen wolf the best tv shows in the twanty oneth centery

    teen wolf ... I can't live without teen wolf .. it is my water . my food myyy life .......

    I love you tayler posey .... :*
  • I Miss Styles

    when is it due to come back on

    I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333 :)

    i cant belive tyler posey might dye in the next episode im jjust like OMG OMG OMG OMG OGM
  • Why are you doing this?

    I liked the first & second season. But everything after that has been complete bull crap. I dont mean to say that this show is all bad. But what frustrates me is the fact that this show has some great potential to be one of the best. But yet you fail to deliver. I'm starting to believe that todays writers are all terrible and have close to no imagination or creativity. And that good writers are extremley rare.

    There have been alot of moments where you could have pushed this show to the very top. Yet another show I'm forcing myself to watch (in hopes of it turning in to a better one).

    The characters can become intressting if you play your cards right. So my advice is that you either pull a white rabbit out of your hat, or that you simply just go through with season four as your last one. Because I'm really getting tired of watching good shows turn into crap.
  • Entertaining

    Really great show!
  • Little dark, little cheesy from 1st impression

    Some content of random ep (13-14) MTV
  • are you kidding me

    cruelgrim? Even if you're new here, isn't it obvious that season 4 means that it isn't a new show?
  • Is this new show or what ?

    sorry but is this new show or what i am kinda new here.


    i have a new

  • Witty banter

    im so glad there are more witty and funny moments with scott and stiles, cuz i noticed in the beginning of season 1 there was a lot of it, but as the seasons went on it decreased, so glad that stiles humor is back (never left) and he's cute moments with scott
  • Best show ever

    Hot boys action spooky
  • well look who growing up...

    I half to say, I wasn't always happy with this show. But It seems like it's getting better each season and I think that it has finally, FINALLY, reached awesome level- and there's no way but up now. I'm so enthusiastic and exited and happy this show is just it's i- YAY

    season 1 was pretty um... well it wasnt awesome level. so many faults (derek literally died twice and came back with no but after that, it only got better. and now, its nearing best. OH YA.
  • STILES <3

    Not only does Stiles get cuteeer every episode, Well the first season was fine but it kept me going and i am glad i continued watching it cuz season 3 was fantastic and the TV show gets better every season, cant wait for more of season 4 and more of stiles...
  • Horrifically, fantastically surprised!

    Wow, a big clap of my hands to Stiles! (yet to discover his real name??!!)! His acting from the comic relief to the opposite end of the spectrum of evil, could have been a disaster, but my god that guy is talented! I was surprised to see how well he dove into that psycho role and I am glad he It shows real depth and talent to be able to pull that off. Way to go Stiles!

    . Malia is my FAV love her! can't wait for her story to unravel!

    "MALIA IS AMAZING" .. She's officially replaced Kira as my favorite female character.

    So much better than what i expected
  • This show is one of the best on

    Season 1 was great(8.5/10) Watching Scott and Allison's relationship grow was what kept me interested at first. But then the storyline got me and I was hooked. The way they introduced the werewolf and mythology very slow, a little bit at a time. And the reveal it was Peter as the Alpha in Beacon hills. Then season 2 was good(8/10) Scott learns to like his ability, starts to master it. And bam they're hit with 2 issues, The kanima and Peter coming back using lydia. It wasn't a major problem but it was a issue forsure. Then the reveal it was Matt and then jackson becoming and werewolf. And then huge fight at the end, where Scott makes his first showing of a leader when he tricked Gerard. Then season 3 was Amazing(9/10) The whole 24 episode thing was sweet, and the was they gradually up the challenge with two major problems. The derach and the alpha pack, you can also include Scott becoming an alpha cause that was huge in 3A. and in 3B, it was a great switch up of mythology, introduced us to new were creatures.. kitsunes, Nogitsune and a werecoyote lol I just hated that Scott was a terrible alpha. Hopefully season 4 is packed with some good stuff
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